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Sunday, August 11, 2013

How to Be Confident in Your Actions


There is no doubt you are unable to get what you desire if you don't spend enough time to learn how to be confident in whatever actions you take.

I am sure your confidence is the measure of your success. If you want to be successful in your life and business, it is your responsibility to know how to be confident and determined in your actions that bring you nearer to achieving your goals.

Dr. Sharon Melnick is a great person who can teach you how to be confident and which way is the fastest one to build your self-confidence.

As a business psychologist, Dr. Sharon Melnick is a leading authority helping business professionals move to the next level and have success under stress. Her methods are informed by 10 years of research at Harvard Medical School, sharpened by training in cutting edge stress resilience techniques and field tested by over 7500 clients and training participants.

Ms Melnick in her work shares the secrets of her research at Harvard Medical School as to why people get in their own way. This is the best way for you to learn how to be confident in your struggle for success.
Dr. Melnick notices that the time spent on trying to be confident is probably the reason which is keeping you uncertain in your actions. That's why she is determined to teach you how to be confident as fast as possible.
In Sharon's professional opinion, there are two ways to build self-confidence. We have the direct way and the indirect way to build it. And the reality is many people do the indirect way. Melnick gives it a shot to explain the difference in a very clear and graphical way. Thanks to her brilliant explanation, you can easily understand how to be confident.

According to Sharon Melnick, the indirect behavior is when you put your energy and attention into acting towards other people. You do it in order to get other people to act towards you so that you know how to be confident enough. The indirect behaviors are your efforts to either borrow confidence or to protect what you have. This way you don't build your real self-confidence. By implementing the indirect ways into your acting you don't get it how to be confident in life.

Dr. Melnick is sure that the fast way to build your self-confidence is the direct path. And here's how to be confident by going direct. You want to take all the directions you're going in and boil them down into one main result that you desire. I mean one core vision that is the most important for you. All you have to do now is to spend most of your time to make this vision reality. It is really worth it.

When it comes to learning how to be confident and doing it in the direct way, the best technique to achieve the results you need is to spend your time on thinking what excites you and engages you about the most valuable vision of your life.

You should make the picture in your head and imagine what benefits it is going to bring to your life when you start to see the result of it.

If you want to know how to be confident, you must answer the question what strengths and talents you have to make that vision happen. You ought to choose behavior that will most contribute in that moment to your making the vision happen.

If you really want to possess the knowledge about how to be confident, you mustn't forget that the fastest way to build your real self-confidence is to go direct.

My name is Daniel Kasztura. I live in Poland. I love being myself. I like the issue of personal development. I want to add value to you by writing about how to grow as a person. I am convinced that you can be a better person if you constantly learn how to develop your personal skills. I would be honored to know you took advantage of the helpful lessons presented here. Good luck:)
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Monday, August 5, 2013

3 Benefits of Playing Memory Games


A fun-filled and worthwhile activity that both adults and children can enjoy is playing games. Playing games do not only help us socialize and/or pass the time in a fun way, it can also give us great benefits that can enhance our overall well-being. There are many different kinds of games that can be chosen from. There are physical games that can help strengthen our bodies and make us healthy. There are also intellectual games that can increase our knowledge while there are also memory games that can help our brains become sharper.
Aside from making the brain sharp, there are also other great benefits that can be reaped from playing memory-enhancing games. Here are three of the great benefits of playing such games.
  • Helps in exercising the brain.
Memory games, like other kinds of games, serve to exercise certain parts of the body - in this case the brain's memory function. When these games are played consistently, it will be equivalent to exercising the brain to make it more alert and sharp. You can do this by playing memory games 30 minutes to one hour every day. It does not matter how short or long you play the game. The important key to remember is playing it consistently. This will also harness one's concentration and focus level in such a way that it will be improved as you go along.
  • Helps in preventing memory-related illnesses such as Alzheimer's.
Memory loss is a natural process that all people may go through as we age and it may prove to be a little difficult to prevent and it cannot be halted. However, it can be slowed down by properly exercising your brain and this can be done by playing memory games. When you play these games and exercise your brain consistently, you will be able to avoid illnesses and diseases which are memory-related. This is primarily because the brain is kept active often.
  • Helps in enhancing other brain functions.
Others think that memory games are just all for improving the memory and others may not feel that it will be useful or beneficial in their day-to-day life. However, that is completely incorrect. When a person plays memory and brain-enhancing games regularly, he or she will not only be able to enhance the brain's memory function, but also other brain skills like concentration, focus, attention level, cognitive skills as well as reading and reasoning skills. This is because many memory games are developed to allow the brain to think strategically and critically. There are many memory games that have various levels of difficulties to holistically train and boost the brain.
Memory games are a fun way and efficient way to pass the time. On top of that, if done on a regular basis, it can also help in boosting the brain making us sharper and wiser.
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