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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Start Using The Secret To Achieving Goals Today

 By: Larry Iverson


Let's take a look at a concept called, the reason why. Do you have goals you want to achieve? Do you have things you'd like to do? Do you have lifestyle things you'd like to have different than they are now? In order to make that happen you have to have a strong reason why.

It's been well documented that a goal, without a strong reason why behind it, is impotent. You won't achieve much if you don't have a strong reason why behind why you're doing what you're doing. It makes all the difference in the world. Your self talk, your mental images, what's going on inside of your head, is the reason you do what you do.

There have been many studies finding out about what happens inside our mind. Cambridge University a couple of years ago, was researching people's self esteem. What they found was that when people had others continually picking at them, making fun of them, being sarcastic, putting them down, making them look bad, that it affected that person's self esteem and that took time and work to overcome the negative impact.

But what the study also found, was that it is significantly worse for people to beat up on themselves. They actually found that it is two and a half times more damaging for you to pick on yourself, than it is for somebody else to criticize you. Somebody else giving you a hard time is one thing, but when it's you doing this inside of your head, you can't blow it off. It doesn't go away. It stays in there.

In order to change that you not only have to have goals, you have to get that negative self thinking, that negative self talk out of your way. If you want to transform your life and make your life the best it can be, you've got to get a handle on your negative self talk.

You've got to have a strong reason why to make your life even more effective. It isn't a one-time thing, it's an ongoing process. You can do this day to day. It's not that tough to do. You just have to watch what it happening mentally, know what the goals are you want to achieve, and then you get that strong reason why inside of your mind to move you forward.

For instance, let's look at Lance Armstrong. In 1996 he found out he had testicular cancer. He avoided it, ignored it, he knew he felt something wrong but he was right in the middle of his career and he was making great strides, winning tours on his bike, and becoming well known. Why would he stop?

Well, he ignored, and ignored, and ignored his sickness, until finally he went and checked with the doctor and they found out that his testicular cancer had spread to his stomach, his lungs and to his brain! The chances of survival were slim.

The doctor said, "You're not doing well guy. You put it off too long." Lance's first thoughts were, "I'm going to die. There's nothing I can do. I'm going to die."

When he began to express this to his doctors because he was terrified, the doctors said, "The very first thing you have to do is you have to change your rotten attitude! If you believe you're going to die, we can still give you great treatments, but we pretty much know you're probably not going to make it. You got to change that poor attitude. Is that the attitude you go into a race with - I'm going to lose?"

Armstrong said, "Of course not!" His doctor went on, "Well then, you've got to go into this race with cancer with the attitude that I'm going to win! I'm going to do what I need to do, and I'm going to take care of myself. I'm going to win!"

He had a strong reason why at the time. He wanted to move forward. He wanted to be in the great relationship he was in at the time. He wanted to keep on moving forward and inspiring people and to have fun doing the sport that he loved so much. So he built himself a strong reason why, a goal to move forward to, a powerful reason why.

The reason why is a feeling. It's that feeling deep, down inside of you that says to you, "I can do this, I can move forward, I can make this happen." When you have that strong "reason why" inside of your head you can accomplish incredible things just like Lance Armstrong. He beat his cancer and he went on to be one of the most all time winning bike racers in history. Why? Because of that strong, powerful reason why. He didn't just have goals, he had that burning desire, that gut level reason why behind all of it.

You can accomplish what you want in life. Every time you take a few minutes to read information like this, that gives you an insight into how the human mind works and things you can do to make your life better, you are building a "reason why." You are building a step-by-step stronger reason to make your life work.

You can have great relationships, you can be financially secure, you can feel powerful and confident, you can overcome illnesses, you can achieve things you desire in your hobbies and sports, you can make your life better than it's ever been. It's up to you. Build that strong "reason why" behind your goals and you become unstoppable. Only you can stop you.

The mind is unlimited unless we get our own way so you take care of you, move yourself forward and day by day apply the simple strategies on these videos and you will find your life is working better moment to moment, day to day. Take care of you.

The Best of Success to You!

Dr Larry Iverson is a Clinical Psychologist, author, speaker and coach. He recently released a 20 video series covering how to build an unstoppable success mindset. To get your free set of 20 videos go to Would you like to improve your health, money, happiness, career, relationships? These videos show you exactly how to rapidly eliminate negative patterns, so you feel great and achieve the results you want!
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The Role a Positive Mental Attitude Plays in Success

 By: Tj Philpott


Enough can not be said about the influence a positive mental attitude can have on your life. By adjusting your attitude to think primarily positive thoughts you can literally make all your efforts easier and more enjoyable as well! As a result your ability to become successful in any facet of your life is greatly increased since you more or less expect to succeed.

Let's break down exactly why it is that by maintaining positive thoughts you can actually increase your chances to become successful.

Dilutes Negative Feelings

Your self doubts and recent setbacks are now de-emphasized allowing you to be more proactive and productive. Negative feelings can sap your energy and will power as fast as a switch can turn off electricity.

Creates the Motivation to Take Action

The feeling of well being that a positive attitude can give you also supplies you with the willingness to move forward and take action. This is simply because you feel good about things and therefore success is the only thing you expect!

Helps Build Momentum

As your passion or zeal builds so does your momentum, much like running down a hill! The deeper you get into your pursuits, the greater the momentum is you are building since you are seeing results/progress which motivates you to continue forward.

Helps Sustain Efforts

Your own momentum coupled with feeling good about what you are doing will help you work through many obstacles you may encounter. Setbacks are not something likely to discourage you to the point of quitting. These will be view more as learning opportunities.

Creates an Attraction

There is no doubt that if you are truly passionate about something others 'pick up' on this and it increases their curiosity. This also increases your level of attraction as well making the support of others easily available. This type of support is a great source of encouragement for those times that things may not be going your way.

Possessing a positive mental attitude immediately decreases your stress levels but it also increases your chances to become successful at just about anything. It all starts with your attitude, which by the way is actually a choice you make, and your willingness to maintain positive thoughts. Your thought process is normally projected in the disposition you display to others. If your attitude is negative, this will only succeed in making you less attractive to others while also increasing the difficulty of everything you do. A negative person is only working 'against' themselves! Maintaining more positive thoughts on the other hand tends to give you a much 'sunnier' disposition. Having a 'can do' attitude will make success come much more easily to you for reasons as explained in the 5 examples reviewed above. So why not give yourself and those around you a break starting today and choose to be more positive. When you consider this will give you a greater chance to become successful, along with a less stressful life, it seems this choice is an easy one to make!

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina. To learn more about the power and advantages of a positive mental attitude and to also receive a free instructional manual that teaches valuable niche research techniques simply visit:
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Why Make Yourself Stressed ?

 By: Doly Burnett


Why Make Yourself Stressed ?

400 strategies for a stress free life

STOP the stress that gives you perpetually rushed, pressured, frustrated, and frazzled day in and day out. You'll start easing your anxiety in just minutes from now.

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STOP the stress that burns useless nervous energy, running down your strength and slashing your productiveness. Learn the secrets to working calmly, confidently, enjoyably.

STOP the stress that causes mistakes, accidents, lateness, do-overs, and general shoddy performance. You'll actually gain time by being more competent and in control.

STOP the stress that consumes away at your immune system, unleashing free radicals and harmful hormones. You'll have fewer colds, infections, headaches, and sicknesses.

STOP the stress that can eventually create cancer, diabetes, stroke, heart disease, and premature aging. You're destroying yourself! Discover how to live longer, healthier, happier.

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STOP the stress of physical & mental smother that has you so choked and hemmed in you can hardly breathe! Packed with answers for being entirely organized at home & work.

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STOP the stress that causes sleepless nights and- bedraggled days, making you looking tired and haggard. See how to get a complete, regenerating night's sleep, without drugs.

STOP the stress you're feeling at this very moment...

If all the stress remedies out there are so effective, why is everybody still stressed out? Because they only relieve your stress.temporarily!

Stop wasting your time and money treating just the symptoms of stress.

The program is called "Why Make Yourself Crazy ? 400 Strategies for a Stress-Free Life." You can take a look at a wide array of stress issues you can solve with these 400 one-of-a-kind strategies on my site.

Every strategy provokes action. It doesn't just preach or lecture you—or rehash the same old cliches you've heard a thousand times. It gives you good, clear-cut direction you can act on instantly, and makes such crystal clear sense, you utterly can't help but follow its guidance.

Have a look at some prime examples on my web site(see the link at the end of this article

By Joining thousands of people worldwide who have broken the choke-hold of stress in their lives incessantly with these 400 techniques, which you will NOT find anywhere else, you will be unconditionally assured once and for all to...

Extract from why make crazy site

Doly Burnett is a freelancer, online journal editor and e-book author for 10 years. She wrote articles as diverse as the spirituality, state of the world, Feng Shui, secret to dog training, online marketing...
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Humor, Laughter And Stress

 By: Louisa Chan


Using Laughter And Humor to Manage Stress

William Fry found that one minute of laughter does an equivalent amount of work as 15 minutes of work out on the rowing machine. Now is that not a fun and effective exercise to do?

Some studies show that a positive mindset, with a sense of humor and actual laughing help to improve outlook in life, gives better health and immune system. A sense of humor and actual laughing is touted to be an effective way to reduce stress.

Laughing like deep breathing sends fresh oxygen into our cells and organs, pulls our body and facial muscles, changes our heart rate and blood pressure and increases the release of endorphins while reducing cortisol. Thank goodness for laughter that is free and a healthy sense of humor!

Never mind if you do not feel that there is very much to smile or laugh about. Some researches think that our body cannot tell if the laughter is spontaneous or simulated. So start smiling even when you do not feel like smiling and you can feel better. Start simulating the act of laughing, eh learn to laugh and have a little fun. Take a lighter stance if you are feeling too serious, uptight or uneasy and see if we feel any differently.

Laughing, deep breathing replenishes your body with generous gulps of oxygen. And as you laugh more heartily, you begin to relax and see things with a different perspective. Your body then releases endorphins, the feel good chemical that will help you neutralize the sense of pressure and overwhelm.

Laughing heartily also help you burn up calories (about 50 calories for a good hearty laugh of 15 minutes, according to Maciej Buchowski)! That must be great news for those of us who are wanting to burn more calories! No wonder they say "Laughter is the Best Medicine"!

I have a report on how you can learn to laugh "in spite of" to help manage stress. Feel free to make use of and follow the exercises mentioned here and add more laughter and joy into your life — and the life of those around you.

Use humor and laughter as a form of exercise to manage your daily stress, alone or in a group. Now I wonder if we should start having regular "laughing" time so we can fill up our oxygen supply, burn up some calories and feel a whole lot better!

If you like to receive her newsletter and be informed of other useful material, just sign up below

To receive free information just get your using humor to manage stress report here. Louisa Chan is a Certified Coach and can help you deal with stress at the fundamental levels. To receive more free information then get your newsletter here .
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How to reduce stress quickly and easily

 By: Neil Becker


More and more people are experiencing the negative consequences of stress, either due to the state of the economy, their situation at work or because of what is going on in their personal lives. Stress is causing people both physical and psychological problems.

It is well know that stress means that our bodies are being flooded with such chemicals as adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol in order to trigger our flight or fight instinct. But this mechanism was never intended to be continually switched on, only to be triggered when we were indeed in imminent danger. The trouble is that our bodies and minds are tricked into thinking that an encroaching deadline or being stuck in a traffic jam is the same as being chased by a wild animal.

Our mind and body are in close communication. Stress in the mind causes physical symptoms of stress, altering our brain chemistry which in turn heightens our awareness to danger and problem situations (and more often than not overreacts to perceived threats and problems) which in turn causes more physical symptoms of stress. This is a self-reinforcing cycle that causes us to become addicted to stress and harmful emotional and physical states because it is the state we become used to.

One way you can disrupt this cycle is by doing exercises that relax your mind and body, for example. Sit or lie down somewhere quiet where you won't be interrupted. Now allow your focus to move towards your feet. Now tense the muscles in your feet for a few moments then let them relax. Now tense the muscles in you calves for a few seconds and then let them relax. Tense and relax all the separate muscle groups in your body. After this you should feel quite heavy and relaxed inside your body.

Something else you can try is slowing down your rate of breathing. Take a deep breath for 3 counts then breathe out for 6 counts. Do this 20 times and you should have slowed down your breathing quite a bit. This will also cause your heart rate to slow down and your whole body will have relaxed.

Download an MP3 that will show you a fast working relaxation method at the following link:

Mindful Relaxation Method
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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Why You Should Walk In The Footsteps of Giants

by Goalseeker


 You possibly already know this but I wonder if you are like so many others who embark on a new career - you try to re-invent or even create the wheel!

I well remember when I was a branch manager for a life assurance company here in the UK, new agents would come in and although the basic course would always include a section on how to sell life assurance, they would go away and try to do it differently from the way they were taught. This was their future they were dealing with but in their mind they new better even though I tried to conduct the training in a motivational way. They looked at my success and thought they could be more effective, their performance would match mine if they were left alone, and when they struggled to reach objectives they blamed the training.

Is that familiar to you?

Trying to find new ways is OK as long as the basics are in place for you to achieve success and you are earning money while you experiment, but invariably new methods take a long time to mature.

At this time of the year thoughts automatically turn to NEW beginnings no matter where your career lies. Self development progam adverts are to be found on almost every page of the Internet, coaching and training is offered with wonderful headlines screaming; 'NEW Way..'Effective Management offered..''Motivational training and coaching leading to performance goals so that you achieve success in your career..'

Which do you follow?

STOP! Let me ask you a critical question, 'have you ever thought about what is involved in the word LEADERSHIP?' It simply means 'One who has gone before and is willing to help others to follow.' So is this a vital clue in your quest for success?

Listen carefully:- The shortest route to achieving all you want in life is to find someone who is already doing it or has done it {Leadership}. Study what they had to do to achieve their success then simply engage in the same activities that brought them success and you will be on the correct pathway to achieving all you want.

When I look back on my career, yes I am that old that I can look back, I realise joking aside I never did anything original on the way, every time I tried to be original I found myself moving away from my goal instead of toward it.

Everything I did was taught to me by someone who had already done it or was doing it and was being successful. In fact I relate in my book 'The First Step' the exact technique that enabled me to enjoy the success I have had to date, in an easily followed format for you to learn and start enjoying the success you crave.

1st word of warning:- If you are going to model your actions on someone else ensure that they are very successful and you will increase your standard of living by emulating their actions, and that they are conducive to your core beliefs. A master criminal may be deemed successful if they have not been caught but emulating their activity probably (I hope) contravenes your core beliefs!

2nd word of warning:- When you embark on your new goal be wary of who you tell and what you tell them. It is not necessarily in their interest that you become successful so they may give off negative vibes to hold you in place. Even friends and family may respond negatively as they could fear that you will leave them behind.

I do know this, if you want to spend more time, more money and endure more frustration than you would otherwise, then strike out on an unproven path to your goal.

On the other hand, if you're looking to significantly improve your odds of success and get to your goal on the straightest, shortest path, find someone you can model, follow in the footsteps of giants.

You are ready for success aren't you?

About the Author:
About the author, David Dutch has specialised in personal development work for the last 25 years and has prduced a free report; Creating Tomorrows Reality today. Get your FREE report at Tomorrows Reality. Do it now while you are thinking about it. You have full permission to reprint this article provided that this Bio box is kept unchanged.

How to Achieve Success - Learn Useful Techniques

by Gary McGeown


 Have you ever traveled a road without any bumps, humps or potholes? Chances are you have not. Roads will always have obstacles how ever small they may be. Even the road to success is like that. But do not be discouraged though. Just like you are able to reach your destinations even if there are obstacles, you can certainly reach your goals as well. That is if you are equipped with the techniques needed on how to achieve success.

The first technique that you need to learn is about how to formulate your goal. When you set your goal, you cannot just state it as if you are blurting out your childhood dream. When you set you goal do not say 'I want to be a doctor'. When you set your goal, be very specific. An example of a well formulated goal is 'I must be an anesthesiologist already when I turn 28'. You need to properly set your goal because you need to know what exactly you really want.

The next technique that you must find out is about how to face failures. Yes, there is always that possibility that you will experience failures along the way. Some of them will just be minor failures while others will be major ones. You need to know how to face them. How? By knowing in your heart that they do exist. This way you will not be shocked if and when you do meet them. And this way you can also prepare for whatever comes your way.

You also need to learn the technique of getting back on your feet again should you encounter failures. If you ever lose the drive to go on because of obstacles you need to know and do ways on how to get motivated again.

Again, obstacles are always present. But with these easy tips, obstacles should not stop from becoming successful.

There are a lot of strategies to making money on the Internet, but nothing makes sense unless you have a big list. Email Marketing is the most profitable way to make money on the Internet. When you build a list of hot and hungry prospects or leads, you control your future.

About the Author:
"Would you like to discover more free ways to create success and build wealth, both online and offline?

If so, Ive just put together a free Report on
The 7 Secrets to Online Success Starting Today! To get your Free Report go here now :;

Thanks for reading-

Gary McGeown;"

Treating Panic Disorder Symptoms

by Vincent Jeffries


 Due to the fact that our lives are so complicated and stressful there are more and more people exhibiting panic disorder symptoms. Many people in spite of being under severe stress believe that they could never have a panic disorder, the fact is, on average one out of every hundred people are showing panic disorder symptoms. For the sake of accuracy, a panic disorder is when you are suffering from recurring panic attacks and you now find yourself preoccupied or anxious about having more attacks. This is a crippling condition that will only get worse if not put under control and the most effective and reliable form of treatment is cognitive therapy.

Cognitive therapy is by far the most reliable way to cure your anxiety because it helps you get to the very root of your panic disorder symptoms. These therapies show you how to take control of your panic attacks through various factors such as breathing techniques, proper diet and exercise. Using this all natural, safe, and effective method of panic disorder treatment will enable you to begin to feel better and less anxious without relying on unsafe and addictive drugs. The truth is that drugs will never end your panic attacks, if you stop taking the medicine then within a week or so I can guarantee that you will have a panic attack again!

Even though each panic disorder treatment will vary slightly, what is needed for a successful treatment is the desire to be set free and some guidance. People suffering from the condition are usually never short of the motivation to be set free. Nobody wants to spend their life in perpetual fear.

Guidance to overcome panic disorder symptoms can be found from various programs that teach simple, fast and effective techniques for controlling, and eventually ridding yourself of your panic attacks and anxiety disorder. These programs are based on proven techniques that work and your best bet is to try one or more of these programs to see the result for yourself.

About the Author:
So are you ready to explore the greatest method of panic disorder treatment there is? For guidance on panic disorder symptoms and a proven program to help cure your panic, visit panic disorder symptoms.

Anxiety Cures the Fun Way

by Jake Flower


 Are your days filled with unnecessary worrying? Do you often experience feeling scared, nervous, out of breath, dizzy, nauseous etc? Well then chances are you suffer from anxiety. Before you sit back and start to get depressed about your situation, take heart. There are anxiety cures available. If you are thinking that you have to take medication and go through many sessions of psychotherapy, think again. If you anxiety is not so bad then all you need to do may be to reduce your stress. These practical and fun things can really help you out:

*    Eat chocolate- if you enjoy desserts or have a sweet tooth then this should help alleviate your anxiety. Chocolate is known to contain ingredients and natural chemicals which help with the production of happy hormones in the brain.

*    Take a break- is everything around you filled with stressful events and things? Give yourself a breather and take a break from it all. Go to the rooftop of your office and get some fresh air. Take a cup or relaxing tea or even eating you favorite comfort food can help you.

*    Listen to music- we all know that music a great way for people to express themselves and calm down. Listen to some soothing music in your car or on your mp3 player. If you would prefer not to listen to music the sounds of nature can also be a good alternative.

*    Get a move on it- have you ever tried taking up a new sport or joining a health club? Whatever you choose exercise can help your body release happy hormones to help keep you in a good mood and cheerful. It also gets rid of the negative energy you have.

*    Treat yourself- once in awhile you should do the things that you enjoy to help you make sure that you have a good time. By having a good time you can forget about your worries and reduce stress, thus reducing anxiety. It is always fun to try new things or start doing old hobbies and interests once again.

*    Express yourself- letting your emotions out is a good way for you to deal with stress. Often times we bottle up what we feel and this gets all pent up until we reach a point where we feel like exploding or where we get totally stressed out. So talk about your problems or write about it.

About the Author:
Jake Flower is an authority when it comes to stress and anxiety cures. He writes about what he knows to help increase awareness for sufferers.

Stop the "Killer Stress" Before It Stops You!

by ReyM


 "Happiness is not being pained in body or troubled in mind." - Jefferson

We all know that one of the causes of heart attack is the clogging up of blood vessels and arteries by a substance in the blood called cholesterol. As science matures, medical discoveries confirmed that there's also "good cholesterol" which actually helps the body fight the effects of the bad one. Another study similarly declares that it takes a lifetime for a blood vessel to become completely clogged, and tends to challenge the above statements.

These contradictory pronouncements are quite confusing, and sometimes amusing. However, there's one finding scientists and scholars agree as one: Stress Kills! Conclusions weigh heavily on work-related stress as the biggest contributor to heart attacks, oftentimes resulting to death. Job stress has an obvious harmful implication on health, particularly the cardiovascular system, as validated by studies that job strain increases the chance of a first coronary heart disease.

Job strain, as specifically defined by researchers, involves high psychological demands with low decision control. It manifests as a feeling of heaviness and pressure on one's physical and mental capacities, being overwhelmed and filled with anxiety. Stress, as it is commonly known, puts undue pressure on the individual and greatly hampers good performance.

By nature, different individuals react differently to stress. Some people are like horses and seem to cope with stress more readily, while others are like butterflies and easily break down even with the slightest pressure. They also have different ways of dealing with stressful situations, using methods that fit their respective personalities.

In managing stress, there are various techniques available for different types of people to utilize and practice. The most effective manner, however, is to stay relaxed and centered. Relaxation is a crucial component in any stress management program. It induces peace and tranquility, replacing fear and anxiety. It is just like lighting a candle to drive away darkness.

There are several stress management techniques that can be applied by people who have high-pressure lives. Unlike adrenalin, however, they are not expected to provide sudden bursts of energy. Instead, they intend to enhance a person's performance at work and other daily routine in a constant manner.

Knowing the harmful effect of stress on health and personal life, it is advised to "nip it in the bud" and not allow it to go unattended. Physical activities such as sports, dancing, running and swimming are good ways of releasing stress from the body. Others prefer doing meditation, yoga, massage therapy and listening to nature sounds to help in relieving stress.

Very recently, there's a highly effective way of managing stress which can be done with the least amount of time and effort, known as subliminal messaging. As a busy person, I would prefer this method because it can be done while doing routine activities, during break periods, and even while resting.

This technique has been the subject of many debates and disputed by proponents of other methods. While we don't intend to argue, having experienced the beneficial effects of subliminal messaging is sufficient proof of its effectiveness. As the saying goes; "You cannot argue success." But then again, nobody can decide what you want but yourself. It is important that you choose a particular stress relief program depending on your lifestyle, and with diligent application, you can definitely beat the stress out of your life.

About the Author:
Stress Kills! Conclusions weigh heavily on work-related stress as the biggest contributor to heart attacks, oftentimes resulting to death. Job stress has an obvious negative implication on health, particularly the cardiovascular system, as validated by studies that job strain increases the risk of a first coronary heart disease.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Get Over Your Fear of Goals

by matthewferry


 Why Positive Thinking Won"��t Work

Positive thinking doesn"��t work. I know "�" I"��ve tried it. I"��ve tried it a lot. I"��ve taught positive thinking to thousands and thousands of people. And they were still slightly frustrated and annoyed. They would get miserable and pissed off or they"��d go into states of depression. These were really effective, powerful people. These were the people who were doing the affirmations, the visualizations and they were doing all of the things that we"��ve been taught over the years to be positive. But that didn"��t seem to work. And yet, for all intent and purposes, they were pretty positive compared to other people.

But were they in a state of bliss? No. They weren"��t in a state of bliss. Positivity doesn"��t work because when people talk about being positive, what they"��re talking about is the affect of a particular point of view. An affect. In other words, I am positive when I view the world in this way.

So when I view the world in a non-resistant way, when I am in a state of total and complete acceptance of all people in all situations at all times, including myself, I"��m naturally positive. I"��m naturally upbeat. I"��m naturally in a state of joy and feeling good.

When I am resisting and making things wrong, making people wrong, being upset, being annoyed and being agitated, then, I"��m naturally not positive. It doesn"��t matter how many affirmations I do. If I am looking in the mirror saying, "��I am powerful. I"��m unstoppable. I"��m the best."��, I"��m not dealing with the real issue.

Maybe I am upset with myself for being in the job that I"��m in. I am scared about my finances. My kids are pissing me off lately. I look at myself in the mirror, and I think to myself, "��What are you doing, fattie?"�� All of those things are occurring, and I"��m saying, "��I"��m powerful, I"��m unstoppable. I am the best."�� You have the drunk monkey swinging out of the jungle and saying, "��Shut up, stupid. You"��re fat. You"��ve got problems, etc, etc."��

See, saying positive affirmations is nothing more than trying to be something other than what you are. I know that the old saying is "��fake it "��til you make it."�� But, my friend, I can tell you I have faked it and I didn"��t make it because I was successful, succeeding, affective, powerful, but still frustrated and annoyed. I kept wondering when I was going to reach actual positivity. I just kept wondering why I was not really happy. I had the Mercedes, the nice house, a beautiful wife, and I received the accolades and the success. But where was the happiness?

I realized that you have to deal with the stuff inside. You need to understand that you have a brain that wants to survive in a world where you"��re definitely going to die. You have to understand that there is an operational procedure going on in your head that doesn"��t care about you, doesn"��t care about your goals and dreams, doesn"��t care about the people in your life. It is making you wrong and everything else wrong, in the spirit of trying to survive. It is only trying to survive. You need to use the game-changer formula, which is to see the mind for what it really is so that you can suddenly become flexible, which will then reveal a whole new set of options and give you power.

I want you to practice total and complete acceptance of all people in all situations at all times including yourself. No matter what. No matter what people do. I want you to see it from their perspective, see it from their opinion, see it from their point of view.

When you"��re in an honoring, appreciating, accepting, and understanding mode, you"��re literally in a state of fearlessness. And when you"��re in fearlessness, you"��re automatically positive. You"��re automatically positive. You"��re automatically optimistic. You"��re inspired, and you"��re in action. This is my goal for you. Try it on.

About the Author:
That's where a life coach comes in. My specialty as a life coach is to help you make those decisions, and I would be honored to help you if that's appropriate.Matthew Ferry a Life Coach, The Life Coaching Company Matthew Ferry International offers life coaching, Life Coach Training, law of attraction and dozens of training products and seminars relating to the law of attraction to help you find your passion and love your life.

Turning the Aspirations into Reality

by Anirban


 Aspirations need a lot of dedication, enthusiasm, and efforts in the positive direction to be turned into reality. Many of us set higher goals and start working towards achieving them very enthusiastically but the enthusiasm ceases very soon. As a result, our aspirations are also lost somewhere. Only those who are both enthusiastic and strong willed are able to turn their aspirations in to a reality. Among those few is Shamit Khemka "�" the CEO and Founder of SynapseIndia (one of the leading offshoring/outsourcing service providers in India).

Commerce graduate from St. Xavier College, Shamit aspired to become an entrepreneur while still pursuing graduation. It was the strong will and dedication that gave birth to his first entrepreneurial venture Pharos Infotech (in 1994) soon after his graduation. Pharos was the first dot com to introduce the concept of BBS (Bulletin Board Service) with email in India. It was even before VSNL could introduce its internet services in India.

Within just four years of Pharos, Shamit came up with another innovative venture called "�" the first website dedicated to the real estate industry in India. The interactive directory and database of the website received huge applauds from the realty investors in the country.

The never-ending enthusiasm and determination of Shamit towards achieving excellence through innovation resulted in successful business endeavors one after another. Synapse India is the most recent business venture of Shamit. Launched in 2000 with limited resources, the company today boasts of more than 300 employees and multiple modernized units across the country.

Showing tremendous growth of 100% since its inception, the company has been growing on the back of its dedicated and skilled workforce who is willing to go all out to achieve excellence through innovation. Catering to various industry verticals including sports, media and entertainment, retail and wholesale, real estate, medical and healthcare, investment and finance, and more, the company is the preferred offshoring/outsourcing partner of it clients in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, and other countries.

Quality is the foremost concern for this company and the prestigious CMMI level-3 accreditation and reputed NASSCOM and FICCI certifications are the hallmark of the same. The company is a Microsoft Gold Certified partner and MS Small Business partner as well.

About the Author:
Author Bio: I am a webmaster of i.e. Synapse India, an IT outsourcing company founded by Mr. Shamit Khemka

Facing a Layoff When You Have Bipolar Disorder

by Cassandra L. Good


When your company is facing a layoff, everyone's stress levels go up.  People react to stress in different ways.  You have to be hyper vigilant during these times, and manage your stress well.  Do the basics first like taking your medication faithfully, getting enough rest, drinking lots of water.  Drinking water is good for you anyway, but it is critical for those of us that take medication because they can be dehydrating.  Talk to those that care about you and are safe to talk to about how you are really feeling about the prospect of losing your job or surviving the layoff and losing valuable coworkers.   I have written a blog about how to handle job related stress when you have bipolar disorder.  You can find it at this address  in the May 2010 archives.  You can also Google "Stress Reduction" and get a lot more ideas for how to handle stress in general.

Be sure to keep your emotions in check.  If you are having a major episode triggered by stress then do not go to work.  It is better to be absent rather than blow your chance at surviving the layoff because you blew up at someone or could not stop crying.  If you are just tired from depression, then make yourself work for at least part of a day.  It is very important to be present as much as possible during this time.  Remember the goal is to survive the layoff.

Although I am not big on "brown nosing", I am big on tooting your own horn.  You need to make sure your boss knows how you are contributing to the company.  He/she needs to understand your value.   Tell them or show them your work and ask if you can do anything else to improve your work or if there are other responsibilities that you can take on.  Do not badger them, but let them know frequently that you want to help the company be successful in this difficult time.  If you have a good relationship with your boss, you can even ask them straight out "How can I make sure that I am not one of the ones laid off"?  "What else can I do to contribute to the company?".  During this time it is critical to focus on what you can do for the company, not what the company can do for you.  Those that survive layoffs are hard workers, contributing members to teams, typically do not make waves, but do offer helpful suggestions in brainstorming sessions.

However, despite your best efforts, if your whole section is let go that means you will be let go too.  Facing that challenge can be daunting, but you will survive it.  To lose a job can be devastating or it can be a motivator to rise to your best potential.

I wish you the best in all your pursuits.

About the Author:
Cassandra L. Good works and resides in Colorado, USA. She has been employed at the same company for nearly 18 years despite having been diagnosed with Bipolar II Disorder.

Her new goals include helping other people with bipolar disorder to live a life that is rewarding and fulfilling. She wants to teach people how to move from surviving to thriving with bipolar disorder.

Successfully Treating Panic Disorder In Children

by Yuval Harpaz


 1 in 75 adults in America suffer with Panic Disorder at some time in their lives. There aren't any definite statistics on the number of children that suffer from this disorder, but it would seem that if it's escalating with adults, then it will escalate with children, too. Now, there are several useful and successful ways to accomplish treatment for children in such condition.Children can suffer exactly the same symptoms as adults; difficulty breathing, feeling as though they are drowning or "can't get enough air", tingling or "pins and needles" in fingers or toes, shaking, sweating, trembling, chest pains and almost paralyzing terror are symptoms that have been reported in both adults and children suffering from the condition.Help is out there. A specialty centre at Boston University offers an intensive therapy course with visits at a later time for follow up in order to finish the treatment and make sure that the symptoms don't return.Parent-Child Interaction Therapy, or PCIT, teaches the parents and children how to recognize the very first sign of Panic Disorder, and how to work through this together. They are both taught the necessary skills to limit and break away from the symptoms all around.Where certain phobias can be pointed out that are triggers for Panic Disorder, these phobias can be treated with a multitude of intensive programs focusing on the specific phobia, understanding it and making it less threatening and less likely induce Panic Attacks.It is crucial for both parent and child to understand that in these therapies, it may be pertinent to place the child in a stressful situation, in order to create the situation in a supervised environment, that cause the child to have a Panic Attack. Only by acknowledging it can the reason it happens be understood and treated properly.Of paramount importance is the recognition that the child is not making these attacks up. Panic Disorder affects children with the same intensity as it affects adults. To recognize and accept the need for treatment is the first big step to achieving a cure.But there is an aid. Parents and their children need not to handle these concerns by themselves any more. A lot of information can be found on the internet especially on Panic Attacks treatment and a local Institute for kids like in Boston. In such places children can find a way to get rid of their condition in an effective therapy.Anytime there are medical or psychological conditions to deal with, it is best to talk to your family doctor about the situation. Those who think they have a phobia without a cause should talk to their doctors before enrolling in any treatment programs. Please talk to your family doctor, and they can put you in the hands of a specialist in the area that you need.

About the Author:
Learn more about Panic Attack's Release. Visit where you can find out all about how to Start Reducing Stress NOW and what it can do for you.

Don't Live in a Frenzy of Frustration

by Roseanna Leaton


 What types of things frustrate you?  For me, it tends to be the things which I cannot control, or do not understand.  New computer applications, washing machines which go on the blink for no unknown reason, cars which just don't start; these are sorts of the things which really "bug" me personally.  The fact that I do not understand them, and therefore cannot fix these things myself, invokes in me a feeling of helplessness and frustration.

We are of course all different.  I know a lot of people who get frustrated with their golf, or their spouse, parents or children, their pets or even just the weather!  It's easy to work yourself up into a frenzy of frustration.  But in allowing yourself to get into such a sweat all that happens is that you feel a whole lot worse.  Getting frustrated doesn't help matters one iota.  Rather, it adds an additional layer of "pain" to the emotions which you are experiencing.

I often wonder how we can let this happen to ourselves.  We are after all motivated in a very big way by the pain-pleasure principle.  We instinctively avoid pain and seek pleasure.  This is a basic human instinct.  We do not like pain!  When you think about it we only get frustrated and angry when we experience something with falls beneath the broad canopy of "pain".  But that emotion of frustration only adds to our pain.

Some would argue that a display of anger is a way in which to get it all out; to release the "pain".  For some people this may very well be the case; but for the majority I suspect that it only serves to add to the pain and to extend the time in which your emotions are hijacked by anger and frustration. 

For example, when the washing machine goes on the blink, if you succumb to frustration and end up kicking it you are likely to:-
-    dent the machine, so it doesn't look as nice
-    this will remind you of your display of anger for years to come and thereby induce guilt or embarrassment - more pain, and
-    hurt your toe - more pain

How can that series of consequences help?  How can that "get it out of your system"?  Surely it merely prolongs the period of anger and frustration.

How many times have you spotted a golfer giving way to a frenzy of frustration?  I have seen clubs bent around trees and thrown in lakes.  I have never observed it to assist in removing the pain, anger and frustration which that golfer was feeling.

If you want to stop getting angry the way in which to do so is to learn to see things from a different angle and to change the emotion which you are feeling.  Anger is an interesting emotion as it has the ability to place a clamp upon your brain, squeezing itself tightly around the upper cortex and preventing logical thought.  The very first step in controlling anger is learning to relax and thereby release that vice like grip.  This is easily achieved with the help of hypnosis.

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in hypnosis downloads for happiness and well-being.

P.S. Are you fed up with feelings of frustration? Grab a free hypnosis mp3 from my website.

About the Author:
With a degree in psychology and qualifications in hypnotherapy, NLP and sports psychology, Roseanna Leaton is one of the leading practitioners of self-improvement. You can get a free hypnosis mp3 from and learn how to stop getting angry with hypnosis downloads.

You should know these brands in China

by Keely


 It is often easy to detect the Chinese product. Or anything with Jackie Chan tricks in their advertising. However, some Chinese products or trademarks property can make you do a double take. Whether you've bought from companies based in foreign countries is an original of your account, below are some of the most head-scratching things that the Chinese can claim. And suddenly it shows how far reaching this country is really ...

NetEase, founded in 1997 by William Ding (which is now consistently ranked as one of the richest individuals in China) is an Internet company whose Web site hosts multiple search engines and "massively multiplayer online game" . You may have heard of the popular "The fantastic journey to the West", a MMORPG which helped increase the market value of NetEase to about 761.6 million dollars. In April this year, Alexa Internet Rankings NetEase found to be the place "28th most visited on the planet." If you're curious, that's more than AOL, CNN or the BBC. There should be plenty of players out there...

If you bought a laptop or cell phone while in China, chances are you've run through Lenovo. It is a computer technology company based in Beijing who specializes in desktops, laptops, and since 2009, cell phones. According to its website, Lenovo is now the third largest mobile market in the country and the fourth largest seller of personal computers worldwide. These are also the guys behind the popular ThinkPad laptops, which bought IBM in 2005. Surprisingly for a Chinese company based Lenovo was appointed by Greenpeace's Guide to Greener Electronics "as one of the leading computer companies of the environment, ranking seventeenth this year. Could this mean China going green?

If you have a bank account in China, on which be seen UnionPay. It is the country's only national credit card and is everywhere. Founded in 2002, some of the largest banks in China were its first members, as the Bank of China and China Construction Bank. Currently, he works closely with some of the world's largest international companies credit cards, including MasterCard, VISA and American Express. According to Xinhua News Agency, this means that UnionPay card can be used in over twenty countries including the United States, Australia, Germany and Japan. Good to know the card travel well ...

"China" and "wine" may not seem an obvious match, but the recent purchase of a Hong Kong company of the French winery Chateau Richelieu can change all that. Apparently, Chinese investors have been taking advantage of this recession thing around to buy bottles of rare wine - and apparently hold. According to the wine blog "Decanter", the previous owners will co-operate in the cellar, with Hong Kong Company to take over sales and distribution in China. So how much money you drop in this store? The estimates are coming in around three million Euros, which may seem a ridiculous amount of money until one considers the growing Chinese wine market. Just last year, total consumption of wine increased by 15% in China, while sales of wine from Bordeaux in particular, and increased by 36%. Everything ganbei-tion must be paying off.

About the Author:
Are you looking for comfortable and suitable soccer jerseys? We have all kinds of cheap soccer jerseys you may be interested in.

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Extrinsic and Intrinsic Motivations

 by: matth02 

Have you ever had a problem getting motivated to complete a task that you absolutely had to do? Did you ever just want to throw in the towel and accept that you failed? If so, understand that there are things you can do to be more motivated and to achieve your goals.

What motivates you?
There are two types of motivation that exist: extrinsic motivation and intrinsic motivation. Extrinsic motivation is motivation that is inspired by outside forces, while intrinsic motivation is motivation that is inspired from within a person. Both types of motivation are essential to success. Below you will find different types of extrinsic and intrinsic motivational factors:

Extrinsic Motivation.
-People around you
-Good grades

Intrinsic Motivation.
-Personal goals, values, and morals
-Willingness and eagerness to learn
-Physiological, social, and self-esteem needs

Both extrinsic and intrinsic motivations push a person to achieve a goal. However, they do so in different ways. Let us take a look at both of these types of motivations.

Extrinsic motivation:
As shown above, extrinsic motivation comes from rewards and incentives that are positive reinforcements. An example of extrinsic motivation is a student studying and getting an A on an exam because the reward of a ski trip motivated him. Completing a project for work ahead of schedule because an employee knows that raises are coming soon is an example of extrinsic motivation. A teenager may come home from a friend's house right before curfew, just to avoid being grounded. All of these actions are done because the person is trying to avoid some type of punishment or disapproval.

An example of a possible problem with extrinsic motivation is that when the rewards stop, the motivation will come to an end. How do you keep, for example, an employee or child motivated? One solution is spacing out rewards so the person does not receive them all at once. This gives the person something to look forward to. Another thing to do is to make sure the reward cannot cause any negative impact after it. Another thing to do is to try to help the person find a reason to be motivated besides receiving a reward.

Intrinsic Motivation:
Intrinsic motivation comes from within a person. While this motivation is often strong, it is hard to maintain at times - especially when something bad is happening in a person's life. Everyone wants to be happy, to achieve life goals, have high morals and values, have plenty of friends, and simply be able to survive in the world. Intrinsic motivation makes a person strive for these things in daily life. Intrinsic motivation will make a person take a look in the mirror and say, "I can do it." This type of motivation will also make someone take a few minutes and reflect on what is important in his or her life. It will make them question why they are seeking out their goals and what they are willing to risk in order to attain them.

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The Type of Motivation You Feel Can Increase or Decrease Your Stress Levels

by : abs9360


Many studies have been done to research the effects of motivation and mental health. As the implications of helping those with negative self-esteem, depression and anxiety are immense this is certainly an area of research that deserves a great deal of attention.

Psychology Online reports on a study investigating the differences between INTERNAL and EXTERNAL MOTIVATION. The report states that "Although our society is largely extrinsically-motivated by external rewards such as money, fame and power, research has indicated those who are intrinsically-motivated by inner desires for creativity, fulfillment and inner satisfaction are psychologically healthier and happier."

How can this help you?

The study of health psychology seeks to understand how our ability to cope with stress can help us to prevent illness and promote health. Some of these coping mechanisms are naturally inborn but may be taught to those who lack them. Motivation is one of the tools that researchers are trying to use as a combatant of negative stress reactions.

Motivation is something that we use every day. It's what enables us to survive - to get food because we're hungry, to go to work to pay the bills or to educate ourselves in order to pursue a higher goal in life.

How we respond to life's demands can affect our overall health. How are you classified?

The same report on Psychology Online identified those who respond to life with negativity or anxiety as most likely to deal with the physical affects of anger, guilt, nervousness, frustration and fear. These emotions can cause hypertension and high blood pressure which can lead to heart attack or stroke. Other complications include ulcers, arthritis, asthma and kidney disease.

Some therapists suggest that by using positive self-talk and trying to restructure the WAY we look at events can offset the physical and mental effects of dealing with negative or stressful events in life.

Interestingly, people who tend to focus on themselves as the controller of their fate - in fact 'self-motivated' - are more likely to feel a sense of control when stressors affect them. Instead of blaming something or someone else they have the motivation to deal with a problem and look for a reasonable solution. This positive behavior helps them to achieve goals and find personal contentment.

Therapists try to teach patients how to emulate this positive reaction to stress and use their motivation as a source of empowerment. Learning to manage stress and using motivation to set goals, work through a problem or fix it can in turn promote better mental and physical health.
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Success Strategies

 by: nalbone

There's no hard & fast rule when it comes to becoming successful in life. But, there are things you can do and guidelines you can follow to make your dreams more attainable. Here are a few of the most important strategies that you can use to get where you really want to be.

The farm principle:

Farmers do it and Jesus taught this to his disciples. "As we sow, so we shall reap". The principle is that success is not an overnight thing. It's got nothing to do with nightly prayers (couldn't hurt though). And it's got nothing to do with watching others become successful. It's all about consistent effort. Farmers tend their crops every day without fail, and when the time comes, they reap the benefits.

Success is a lot like that. Continuous, consistent effort makes all the difference.

Zero shortcuts:

For some, it's a hard pill to swallow: there are no shortcuts. Your destination is a direct result of the level of commitment and effort that you put into becoming successful. The harder you try, the faster you'll get there. Shortcuts lead to disappointments. Luck may sneak into the mixture on occasion, but shortcuts will spoil it.

Map it out:

Your mental state has much to do with your becoming successful, but the physical acts you undertake make a difference too. Make a plan, stick with it and measure your results. Keeping track of the things that you do and the success rate of those efforts helps you understand what you're doing right and what needs improvement. During this journey of yours, fine-tune your plan and map out the route you want to take. The better you adapt and change according to circumstance, the faster you'll get there.

Handle stress:

We all have to deal with stress whether we like it or not. If you want to be successful, you need to learn how to deal with stress. Firstly, you have to learn how to deal with the "daily stuff" in your life. Secondly, you have to learn how to sublimate or channel that stress energy into something that will work for you. Really, stress can be your ally. Turn stress into motivation. Whenever you encounter stress, push-forward and channel it towards achieving something. Do something positive that helps you forward toward your dream. Do not waver from your goal - focus.

Stay positive:

It's often easier said than done. Try starting-off by eliminating any negative influences in your life. Get them out of the way, and it'll be easier for you to become positive. Surround yourself with things that will benefit you, hang out with positive, successful or success-minded people. Embrace the positive and shun the negative.
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Job Stress is Not About Work

 by: booksbyrobert

Strange as it may seem, job stress is usually not about stress from too much work. Most people seem to like the work they do. Of course some jobs are more stressful than others, but when an employee admits to having job stress, it usually means some person is causing the stress. Usually a supervisor or a boss, and sometimes a co-worker.

Does this mean that all supervisors and bosses cause stress to their employees? Of course not. Most realize that happy employees turn out more work faster, and do everything they can to provide a pleasant work place.

But job stress is real. And those employees who are subjected to stress day after day in the form of harassment, belittling, humiliation, and other forms of verbal abuse, often develop physical symptoms as real as ulcers, heart problems and many other conditions. Sleep disturbance is almost certain.

Self-esteem is at its lowest which causes the employee to make mistakes, which then further lowers self esteem.

The employee feels he/she has no control over the situation, which is generally true. If the job is the employee's main source of income, an employee will usually hang on until it becomes absolutely imperative that he/she make a choice between the job and his/her health.

Is there a solution other than quitting? Maybe not. But there are things you can try. Only you can decide how to handle it because you know what the reaction will likely be to whatever means you take.

If other employees are also being harassed, there is strength in numbers and a session with a higher up may take care of the situation. If you are the only one being harassed you may need a co-worker to be a "witness" if you decide to consult with a higher up.

If you decide to go to a higher up, It is a good idea to ask this person if there is anything you can do to help solve the problem. And if they have any suggestions. You have shown that you will cooperate in solving it, and the problem now becomes partially the higher up's responsibility to offer a solution.

If all else fails, you may have to learn to live with it. There are breathing exercises to help control the anger you feel.

You can learn to "turn off the abuse" and substitute good thoughts for those that cause you anxiety.

A consuming interest in a sport or a hobby or almost anything will give you something you love to do, which will take your mind off of the verbal harassment.

And remember, things change. Maybe the person causing the trouble will get another job.

Or maybe you will.

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Stress Should Not be a Job Requirement

 by booksbyrobert

If you opt to become a police officer, a fire department person, or work with explosives, you probably expect that stress in some form will come with the job. However, in other types of jobs stress can come from many sources.

1. Overload. With too much work and too little time, stress is inevitable. This may be either a permanent or temporary situation. If temporary, you can probably cope with it. If permanent, tell your supervisor it is too much. If that doesn't bring results, consider looking for another job, as stress builds with repetition.

2. Noise. Few jobs are located next to a junk yard or a sound stage where bands with strange-sounding names are rehearsing. If you are unlucky enough to work in such a deafening environment, stress can be unbearable.

3. A messy environment. If you were raised in a normal environment but your workplace reminds you of the city dump, it can be stressful. The toilet is plugged up, the broken window hasn't been replaced and you have to avoid puddles wherever you walk.

4. Obsolete equipment. Some small companies have been doing the same job the same way forever. They are resistant to change or modernizing. The secretary is still using a typewriter instead of a word processor. The carpenter is denied even an electric screw driver. This makes the job longer and harder, which causes frustration, which causes stress.

5. Cranky boss. One of the most common sources of job stress is a mean boss. He or she belittles the employees under them, ignores their complaints and has no compassion for their problems or their well being. This type of job stress can range from indifference to harassment.
6. Obnoxious co-worker. The obnoxious co-worker is usually loud, with a raucous sense of humor. He or she sees humor in ordinary situations and laughs inappropriately.

Another type of co-worker who causes stress is the one who takes credit for your successes and blames you for their mistakes.

Unfortunately, most of these sources of job stress are not apparent before you are hired, but come with the job. They usually catch you by surprise and turn what you thought would be a great job into a nightmare.

Source: Free Articles

Can You Imagine Your Ideal Future?

 By Lyn J Williams


Most of us are raised to be sensible, practical and we know what is possible. And don't forget how realistic we have to be. That's why so many of us `settle' for less than we want or deserve. Don't be silly, you can't do that, you're not smart enough, young enough, old enough, rich enough, blah, blah and blah.
And most of those dream squashing comments come from those we love the most. Some of these people truly do care about us and don't want us to suffer disappointment and failure. But isn't it better to have tried to achieve your dreams than play it safe and lead the life that others are comfortable with, and more to the point that others are comfortable with you being there with them.
For so many years I dared not to dream, I was told to be grateful for what I had and to expect nothing more. I was grateful, and I know there is always someone worse off than me, but this is my life. I've got one shot at it this time round, even if reincarnation is a belief you hold we won't come back as the same person.
Every now and then I would have spurts of great achievements in my life, nothing world shattering but then others around would start to get antsy so I would pull back again.
But no more, I have dreams, big ones. Apart from wanting a portfolio of investment properties that I have renovated myself, I want to give to my 3 daughters and the local community. I also want to help an orphanage in Cambodia in a very big way and a certain hospital in Vietnam. Travel the world, find my soulmate and that's just the beginning.
Self belief and self acceptance is important in the process. Getting clear about your dreams. You don't have to know all the details, just have that vision, keep it clear and take baby steps.
If the people around you aren't the supportive type, keep your dreams to yourself, they're more powerful that way. Search for the information you need and be open to Universe helping you out with opportunities to lead you where you want to go.
It's almost scary sometimes how quickly things can start changing, but don't block it. Be open to accepting the things that feel right, the things that don't feel right won't feel good.
Dare to Dream....Big.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Want To Be An Inventor? You Probably Are One

By: Rick London


Ever wonder about the "great mystique" of being an inventor? It boggles some of our imaginations.
What if I told you you already are one. Let's say you are making bacon and eggs and a biscuit for
breakfast in the morning. People have been eating this combination for years both at home and
in restaurants. One day, someone put them all together, added a slice of "cheese product" and presto, this employee of McDonald's got a raise. He had "invented" the Egg McMuffin.

It even had a cute name. At the time, Ed McMahon was the co-host of the tonight show and this made the name of it both clever and even easier to remember.

Many think that to be an inventor, one has to have a specific degree, understand how physics and
science works, etc. The truth is, there truly isn't anything new in the world, especially in the world of invention. There are the occasional enigmas like the slinky, the pet rock, the hula hoop, etc., but they are few and far between.

Most inventions are simply improvements or variations, upon others. When I was a student in
Dallas, I worked at Neiman Marcus where Pet Rocks were sold, and we sold a lot of them. Ten years
later, I received a design patent on a product called "Pet Presidents". They were presidential puppets, each with a sculpted head of a famous president and each had a unique container in which it "lived" plus a care and feeding package.

For instance Carter came in a peanut, Nixon in a tape recorder, etc. I was new and wet behind the ears in the world of inventing. I found "an angel" who gave me $10,000, which was a lot of money then, and to take the prototypes around to various toy companies around the country to try to get them manufactured. It was not to be. Mattel, Kenner, and all the others said they would have to change an entire assembly line to make it work.

I went home in disgust. That was 1980. A close friend of mine, Patrick Weathers was then a featured performer and writer
for Saturday Night Live. We later became roommates in New York but before then, I sent him the Ronald Reagan Pet President (they were in puppet form..."real political puppets). He liked it, as did Eddie Murphy. Eddie used it during his debut performance in a sketch called "Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood. That was my 15 minutes of fame.

All I had done is taken an old idea and elaborated on it. I was never great in academia, but decided to go back to school in my forties. I invented a device called "Insert Alert". It was an improvement on "Life Alert"; in that it is worn as a watch, it is fully computerized, it monitors vital signs, has a gps tracker to tell any emergency center who the person is, where they are, and what the problem is; even if they are under the ocean. They can even be unconscious and it will auto-dial the nearest 911. Why did I invent it? I had my first heart attack in 2001.

There was no way I could have pressed or even found a Life Alert; I was so disoriented and barely conscious I did my best to breathe. I formed a corporation after the patent, raised funds, but not enough to pay the engineer to build the prototype. We will try again as technology has changed and there are more inexpensive ways to do it.

Organic farming has been around for about eighty years. About two years ago, I discovered a way to bring organic farming into urban areas, including indoor apartments and offices, and patented it. My wife Lee, was the design engineer on the project and made it happen. We became partners and plan to release it later this year. We are both very excited about it.

Your invention, or mine does not need to change the world, but it can. For instance a friend of mine invented "The smart bomb" and has been given more credit for saving our soldiers from "friendly fire" and casualties than any other invention. He is very humble about it. When we used to carpet bomb, before his invention, we took out entire cities in hours. We did not win hearts and minds of any country, and we lost way too many of our own soldiers.

Next time you have a few moments, pull out a coat hanger or a paper clip, or an air freshener, or
anything around the house. How could you change, modify, add, subtract, etc. to make that product

I am also a writer, designer and cartoonist. With my designs, I looked at shoes, Tshirts, mugs etc.
to see how to improve the looks of them. With my cartoons, of which I have about 5000 copyrights, I simply added them and presto, stores were invented.

With Keds, I simply added graphics of famous philosophers on the top panel with their most famous love quote shoes on the side and presto, my love quote shoes were born.

Again, one does not have to be a rocket scientist to be an inventor. I think one of the greatest inventions I have seen lately is the battery operated cigarette which weans people off smokes without the pain of patches or gum and (allegedly) keeps them off. If the first invention, book, creation, artwork, etc. does not suit yours, or others fancy, do not give up.

Thank the Universe for the "failure" is hardly a failure by the way. It is proof that you are one step closer to inventing something that will make a difference.

One final word. Never, ever do business with an "invention company". They advertise all over the
place and nearly all are being sued, put out of business, or under investigation. For the best information call or visit the US Trademark and Patent site. If you have the money, also
visit a patent attorney. Both can be very helpful but you do not have to have a patent attorney to
have a patent, or trademark, or copyright. Copyrights may be registered at the U.S. Library Of Congress for about $40 each last time I looked; and you can copyright a whole block of images, etc. for the same price rather than one at a time.

By the way ideas cannot be patented. Sorry. You must be able to render a sketch, or have someone else do it, or have a working model. If you do not yet have a working model/prototype, you may buy a provisional copyright for around $100 which lasts a year, and gives you that much time to build a working prototype at which time you pay for a full patent. The US Trademark & Copyright office will walk you through it.

Don't think inventing is for you? Start a business? Can't afford an office or store? The workscape has changed in the past 3 decades. Whereas people with home offices were once "a joke" today they rule. Nearly 50 million Americans and I do not have the figure or Europeans who work from home, but in America, it is more than those that work in offices and shops. If you start a business, even if one like it has existed before, yours will have your own flavor, your own personality, and you have invented something very meaningful.

Good luck and have fun. Having fun is what it is all about.

Rick London is a writer/designer/entrepreneur and founder of Google's #1 ranked offbeat cartoons and funny gifts where he sells tees, mugs, greeting cards, etc. bearing his Londons Times Cartoon images, and his over 8000 offbeat cartoons Londons Times which have remained #1 on the Internet since 2005. His site has lured more than 8.7 million visitors since January 5, 2005.

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