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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What's The Difference Between Selfishness And Self Respect?



Do you know that most people are confused between being/feeling selfish and making choices that are self respecting? Do you know that these are opposites and never represent the same thing? Do you know that being/feeling selfish is always toxic to you and that having self respect is always life enhancing? Do you know that it is possible to live perpetually in the latter while at the same time completely eradicating the former from one's life? Finally, do you know that in order to do this one must have the desire and courage to respect the integrity of what I call their Life Force Energy (LFE)? So what is this all about, you ask?
In order to elucidate this vital topic let me introduce what these two diverse experiences actually feel like.
To feel/be selfish means to hoard, be self centered, self aggrandising, uncaring, and self absorbed, etc. All of this stems from some (often more than one) underlying need to prop up one's self esteem, self worth, self image, reputation etc. In other words it is driven by an underlying "need" (and that is the key word) that is often associated with fears of being controlled, used, exploited, deprived, helplessness, feeling unworthy, being left out, and feeling like a victim to name a few.
When one engages "selfish" behaviours it invariably makes the person feel worse in many ways i.e. it further lowers self worth and self esteem, makes one feel guilty, bad, uncaring, unloving, cruel, anxious, vulnerable, bad about one's self and all this has the tendency to lower LFE. A decrease in LFE (or the vital energy of life) is experienced as tiredness, heaviness in the body, decreased mood, depression, enthusiasm and motivation for life.
Another way of saying this is that the "integrity" (or wholeness) of the LFE is compromised by such actions/choices.
Conversely "self respecting" choices (which others may sometimes mis-perceive/mis-interpret) as selfish) actually support, enhance or increase the LFE thus making one feel worthy, alive (or enlivened), joyful, confident, fulfilled, at peace with one's self, whole, strong, resilient, independent, good about one's self, happy, motivated, enthusiastic, self assured and like one "knows" they are on the right track.
To put it simply selfishness is "life (energy) depleting" and self respect is "life (energy) enhancing". In order to discern whether one's LFE is going up or down it is at first necessary to know what it feels like to have LFE coursing through one's physical body. This is where the problem and hence the confusion around this important topic arises.
So many people are walking around in a LFE depleted state that even if it went down they would not have enough awareness to be conscious of it. That's like saying that if you have never washed for 6 months would you know the difference in how clean (or dirty) you felt if you happened to fall into a puddle of mud? Hardly!
So why is LFE so depleted in "normal" human beings, you ask?
Well primarily because LFE is progressively and systematically depleted from the mind/body/energy field each time one experiences a negative (life depleting/stressful) event that then gets "recorded" as a negative memory in that mind/body. The accumulation of such memories is what many call their "life history".
These memories behave as what I call "LFE parasites" that constantly deplete LFE thus leading to death (after all that's what it means to have one's LFE depleted from the mind/body i.e. dying).
It is now possible to completely eradicate these LFE parasites (i.e. negative memories) from within thereby progressively restoring one to life. In do so the ability to discern life enhancing (i.e. self respecting) choices from life depleting choices (e.g. selfish acts) will become more clearly evident.
As I'm sure you can see the benefits of being able to discern between the two is absolutely vital to all aspects of your life.
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