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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Start by Not Judging Yourself


Stop Judging Yourself

I think weaknesses are a necessity to prevent you from wasting your life's purpose. As an example, there are many things that we may be interested in, but it does not necessarily mean we should make a living with them. We know what we should and should not be concentrating on by knowing our weaknesses.
Insecurity prevents you from making informed decisions and often results in seeking the opinions of others prior to doing anything. Getting help may be a catalyst to your success; however, it is dangerous to your self-image to seek advice from unhappy people because they will provide negative and self-defeating guidance. Choose your peers wisely.

Consider the experiences of a person when seeking their advice. If they say something that is negative or discouraging, remember it is merely an opinion; furthermore, often said out of jealousy or a result of ill-temperament due to a poor self-image.
Being Critical is a Learnt Behaviour

We learn to judge ourselves as children by adopting the opinions of others. As children, our self-image is more susceptible to being infected by the negativity of others. Society demands we respect our elders by seeking their approval, even if they are wrong.
Unfortunately, many parent and caregivers control children through guilt, emotional outburst, and punishment. It is against Creation's way to tell a child he is fat, ugly, dense, stupid, pathetic, empty-headed, lost, meaningless, lazy, hopeless, a waste of energy, a waste of space, and all other degrading statements my readers have told me.

Unless encouraged otherwise, the need for approval and reassurance grows with us into adulthood, resulting in self-defeating thoughts and behaviors.
How do you deal with the opinions of others?
Perhaps you are carrying guilt from your childhood and reliving what someone has said to you. If you are, I would like you to know that no matter what has been said to you, the words were a direct result of how the other person felt about him or herself and had little to do with you. Do not allow the opinions of others stop you from achieving your destiny.

I changed my attitude about seeking approval when I realized I thought more about what was said than what they did. In fact, a person who criticizes does not usually consider the feelings of the person they judge. If they did, they would not NEED to project their insecurities onto another.
You have to ask yourself whether it is more beneficial to concentrate on their negativity than on your dreams.
The universe has given you an important role in life to fulfill if you choose to ignore the naysayers in your life. If you decide to adopt the negativity and criticism of others, than you are placing judgment upon yourself.
Their words are over the moment they are spoken, and it is your understanding of what they said that creates the truth within your mind.

Do not let anyone's opinions steal your dreams.
Remember, no one has control over your mind. No matter your situation, you have the ability and gift to visualize the life you desire. Do not underestimate the power of visualization. All great leaders, creators, authors and business owners have all used visualization to inspire their success. You are what you think yourself to be! Please take some time to enjoy my blog at ~ Lovingly Lise
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