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Monday, September 23, 2013

Staying Motivated For Long Term Success


How many times have you let pessimistic people stop you from pursuing your dreams? Do you start doubting yourself, and your abilities to make things happen? That negative friend that means well, but always shooting holes in your goals should be avoided. Training yourself to recognize it immediately, making a decision to stay on course, and pursuing your goals with all your might, is what we're after here.

If you continue to let pessimistic people drain every ounce out of your body, you will have only one person to blame: You. Pointing your finger at your spouse, child, job, or anyone (or anything) else is not allowed, nor will it help. The most motivated people in the world keep themselves on a higher level by reading, viewing, and practicing motivational acts. Reading a great book on staying focused and attaining all you want in life is terrific, but you have to keep reading it--and others just like it. Motivation has to become a part of your everyday life. Eat, breath, and live it!

Read about people like Nick Vujici. Born without limbs due to an extremely rare medical condition, he doesn't let that stop him from writing books, speaking to thousands, and even learning to surf. The old saying, "If I can do it, you can do it," certainly comes to mind. A truly remarkable individual, Mr. Vujici made a decision long ago not to let negative people stop him from being successful in life. He stays motivated no matter what!

Michael Jordan is another fine example of someone who would stay motivated at all cost. Did you know that this basketball icon was cut from his high school hoops team? Mr. Jordan decided at that moment, that he would do whatever it took to be successful. I doubt he pointed his finger, and placed blame at everyone except for the only one that could change his predicament: Michael Jordan.

What about yours truly, how do I stay consistently motivated? I think back to a failed business, and how the lack of money made me feel. I had no confidence to speak of. But I decided if things were going to turn around for me, it would take hard work and a giant dose of positivity. I made a list of reasons why I shouldn't quit, and the lives that would be improved if I got back on track. "Start a new business that will be ten times bigger and better than my old one," I told myself. If anyone got in my way, I quickly reminded myself why I was working so hard, and why it was an absolute must to remain motivated. I am now well on the way to achieving that goal.

In summary, your success or failure in life hinges on you, and your ability to keep yourself on track and motivated. Don't allow the negative rhetoric we come into contact each day to dictate how we live our lives. Break this habit today, keep yourself motivated on a regular basis, and watch your dreams take shape!
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