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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Do You Want Success, Or Just Avoiding Failure?


Although being successful and the components of success are so often discussed, doesn't it seem somewhat strange that it often appears that far more individuals expend the majority of their energies and attention in the quest to avoid failure, than in the pursuit of success? After over thirty years of offering personal development seminars and coaching to over a thousand individuals, I have come to realize that, for many, even the concept of personal success appears to be a fuzzy one, and thus many people merely try not to fail than to succeed! There are certain components that each of us must both define for ourselves, as well as clearly identify, if we truly wish to succeed. These include: 1) What's your plan?; 2) How do you balance and analyze risk versus reward?; 3) Will you procrastinate and thus stagnate, or be proactive and pursue greatness?; and 4) Do you fear failure, or are you afraid of success?

1. There is rarely any likelihood of true success unless we begin and focus on our plan! What is your plan, and why? How does that plan propel you forward towards the achievement of your goals, and are you willing to commit to taking the needed action?

2. Everything we choose to either do, or we fail to do, should be evaluated on the risk versus reward scale! Many times, we permit our fears to nearly paralyze us, and we therefore procrastinate rather than taking proactive steps. True success is potentiated when this risk/ reward concept is evaluated, and we proceed forward after weighing potential risks, and daring to do what others seem to fear. The reality is that there is rarely any possibility of success unless we commit to doing rather than avoiding, and it is the ability to take smart risks that propels us towards genuine and meaningful success.

3. When one selects procrastination rather than action, it almost always leads towards often harmful stagnation. Unless one acts, there is little possibility of meaningful success, and our greatest successes are a result of having the courage to dare to act when others are controlled and dominated by their fears.

4. So many people seem so fearful of failing that we often misconstrue this with the reason that individuals procrastinate. I believe, however, that in many more situations, it is the fear of success that creates this procrastinating. Why would someone fear success? Unfortunately, far too many people are satisfied in living up (or down) to the lowest and minimal expectations, and therefore come to become comfortable with mediocrity.

If you want to be successful, plan accordingly and take timely action on your planning. It's never enough to settle for merely avoiding failure!

Richard has owned businesses, been a COO, CEO, and Director of Development, as well as a consultant. He has professionally run events, consulted to over a thousand leaders, and conducted personal development seminars, for over 30 years. Rich has written three books and well over a thousand articles. His company, PLAN2LEAD, LLC has an informative website and Plan2lead can also be followed on Facebook
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