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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Practicing Positive Attitude Lessens Stress

 By Christina Cordle


How many times have you woken up from bed on a Monday morning with a heavy heart and a lack of positive attitude? Countless, most answers would be coming right back without a doubt. So what can you do about it? Well, you are not powerless and you can turn it around with the right information and good positivity. Read on for the practices you can do to keep your sunny attitude.
Check yourself, does everyday routine seem like drudgery? Well, you do not have to drown in lethargy all the time. The best way to combat low energy and laziness is spending energy into some activity. Exercise in one of the means to help practice positivity. This connection between physical exercise and being optimistic has a plausible reason behind all of it. Happy hormones are released by the body when you are doing any type of exercise. So the lesser your activity, the higher chances are your stress levels all up. The stress hormone called cortisol can make your body system can become a health risk. People who go to the gym do not only look fit and glowing but they also look happier. And now you know why exercise or physical activity can greatly make your day and the lack of it makes your whole day so lame.
Watch also what you eat. Some food diet is not good for you especially if they lack the right nutrients or have more than enough acceptable content. Some of the most helpful foods are those that can help the brain to function much better. Some examples of these are avocado, nuts and berries, coffee, salmon and many other brain boosting ingredients. As you can see, good condition of the mind can lessen the effects of stress. Refrain from consuming too much of something as it can greatly affect the normal functioning of the great machine inside your skull.
Stress can also cause some people to gain weight, especially around the abdominal area. The cortisol hormone tends to help the deposit build up of fat around the gut and on the other parts of the body. Being under stressed does not mean getting haggard and losing some weight because of some difficulties, as explained, this can also make someone very fat.
Also, manage psycho-emotional conflicts so that you cannot stress out too much in your daily social interactions. For example, if the work places seem to be noisy for you to be able to work or the family is just too demanding for the household chores, manage. For the work place, politely ask your colleagues to turn down the antics a notch in a good humor. For the family, designate chores accordingly. There is no general rule in making your life in all aspects flow smoothly but preventing conflicts can lessen the stress.
Emotional capacity to keep a positive attitude requires more than the usual frame of mind. It takes practice and this practice means readying your body to its optimum good condition so you can handle any amount of stress without breaking down.
Christina Cordle enjoys writing for Coachestrainingblog which is an online resource on become a coach and coaching strategy as well as other related subjects.

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