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Friday, February 11, 2011

Ways to Feel More Confident

 By: Kamen Loze


Many people lack confidence when interacting with others... and for some, any form of social situation can be extremely difficult. Social interaction whether it be work-related or personal life can be stressful to the point where the person becomes highly anxious and unable to function the way he or she usually does. For that reason as much as anything else, we don't always know what to say when we meet new people. It's therefore understandable that you might lack confidence when meeting new people. Choosing to take control and take action is key to re-building confidence. It doesn't have to be big and scary like parachuting or white water rafting; small steps on a regular basis will have a major positive impact on your life.

First of all pause to take a deep breath or a number of deep breaths. This will help to calm

you down and think about the situation before you react so you won't react in a way that you will regret later. It also gives you a moment to think about how you would like to proceed next when you are in a stressful situation. It will also help your heart and blood pressure slow down. I then feel more confident, happier, relaxed and better able to cope with the situation at hand.

In most situations, you don't have to go alone when you have to meet new people. You will probably feel much better about meeting them if you have a friendly face beside you, because you already know that your friend knows and likes you for who you are, so it softens the potential blow of being rejected by these new people. With a friend by your side, it doesn't matter what these new people are like; you will still have at least some support.

Spend time with people who make you feel good and appreciate you - minimize the time you spend with those who pick on your faults and weaknesses. Building self-confidence also means taking care of you. Identify activities which make you feel good; i.e. time out for coffee, a long walk, a round of golf. Then make time to make it happen.

Take a small risk each day - do something which you wouldn't normally do. Visit a coffee shop or go to see a film on your own, try out a new recipe or speak to someone in a supermarket queue. These small, positive actions will build your confidence.

Lastly, you can start a personal journal. You can write anything you want in them. You can write down the different things that happen to you throughout the day. You can write about the things that you are grateful for and that you accomplished. You can write down inspirationally quotes or favorite sayings. You can write whatever you want. I personally like to write down things that I accomplished like a success journal. I also like to write down inspirational quotes that will make my life better, motivate me when I am in a rut, or things that make me feel happier and more self confident. Lastly, I like to write down the things that I am grateful for.

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