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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Becoming a More Positive Person

 By Camille Rodriquez


Over the years, I've had many people tell me that I'm a joyful person. The irony in that is that I would never describe myself that way. What I do know to be true, though, is that being positive, being joyful, and being upbeat in nature can be increased in daily attitudes, no matter whether you feel that way about yourself or not. You can become a more positive person if you want to be by doing the same things that joyful, positive people do all the time. By adding in these three things, every day, you can change your perspective.

1. Pause before you speak or react. This may not seem logical, but think about it. If you're reading this article, you probably want to be more positive. That means that you may not normally be positive. It follows that when you speak and act, it's probably more natural for you to seem negative or discouraging in your tone. Therefore, to be more positive, the first step is to hesitate in giving your reaction or giving comment. Pause and think first. This will curtail the negative words or actions that might be easier to blurt out, and to those around you, it will eliminate the "usual" response they see from you, the more negative one. This is the hardest step, because it requires breaking a habit that you've likely developed over many years, but it also carries the greatest immediate reward.

2. Imagine the best. Right after your short pause, imagine what the best case scenario would be in any given situation. I didn't say that you had to believe that's what's going to happen, but imagine what could happen. Allow yourself a minute to hope. At the very core, positive people are hopeful. It's hope that usually keeps them operating as optimists, and they always allow themselves the luxury of imagining the best. They have developed a habit of asking, "What if?" Practice this step frequently and repeatedly until the habit of hope replaces the habit of criticism.

3. Take action. If you can imagine the best case scenario, then take action or speak the words that will go most directly towards that end result. If you are acting and speaking with a best case scenario in mind, you will naturally be more positive because the driving motivation is positive. It doesn't mean that you will always get to that positive conclusion, but you will be far closer having tried than if you wallow in the negative. Do those things that are positive, or those things that will lead towards the best outcome.

Often, being a more positive person is a factor of where our thoughts dwell on a regular basis. You can allow your thoughts to get stuck in the negative, and if you do, you will always see the limitations and the barriers around you. However, if you want to be a more positive person, you have to stop, imagine and think differently, and then act that way. Think about things that are positive, pure, upbeat, and hopeful. Develop this habit, and you will indeed become a more positive person.

You can read more about Camille Rodriquez, author of "When I Die" and creator of "The VEEP Channel," by visiting her website, Check out the video trailer of her book while you're there.

Mrs. Rodriquez also serves as the Associate Dean at New College Preparatory Academy and Executive Director of National Homeschool Academy. Visit for information on homeschooling and accelerated learning, and you can sign up for special offers there, too.

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  1. People have thought I was joyful as well! But I always hid my issues with a smile. But I want to genuinely be a joyful person, and truly be one.

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