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Monday, November 21, 2011

How Do Successful Entrepreneurs Start?



If you have been tossed around, getting knocks, things not working for you or just want to start something new... You are in the right place. Forget about yesterday, last month or last year with all the disappointments; that is the past, let's together focus on the future.
Here you will discover what your teachers have not told you, you will discover the true meaning of education, if you are older you will wish you could have come across this site at the earlier age. If you are young.... this is one of the best discovery you will ever come across in your lifetime. Take it seriously please.
If you have been in education, you will agree with me that school has taught you many things but very few if any you had ever been exposed to the true meaning of education. Have you ever been taught to apply what you were learning in order to achieve a life filled with happiness, accomplishment, and success? Did anyone ever tell you about goal setting? What about Financial Intelligent? What about going through education so that you can have a business of your own rather than going through education with a mind of landing a job of your life (which quite often does not happen).
Why educational institutions do not teach to apply what you learn? Is it because Success is difficult? Do you ever wonder or think that may be these institutions are trying to help the weak ones who can not handle the burden of success? Think about it.
It does not matter where you come from, what you want to do, every one of us wants to achieve better in life. Some of us it is a distant dream, other it is possible routine, while others KNOW that they have achieved before they even achieve. So why causes some to be successful and others not to be successful when we are born the same. (born naked, we all learn to breathe, eat, crawl, take the first step, we learn to talk and continue to grow until we develop into different unique human beings). When do we change? When does our aspirations start to change or to fade?
The answer might be painful to some of us and hard to bear. The majority of us have absolutely no idea how to begin to make our dreams come true. The majority of u have skills, tools needed to make our dreams come true but it seems that we never reach or accomplish the dreams. Why is that? Like I mentioned above, being equiped with tools and skills is pointless if that equiped person has no knowledge of how to use the tools and skills possessed.
Not once - neither in primary school, secondary school, college, university were you ever instructed on the simple techniques of setting goals, of motivating yourself and others, of dealing with adversity, of eliminating self-defeating habits, of using time profitably, of practicing the power of choice, of developing self-confidence, of doing the things you are afraid to do, of generating enthusiasm at will, of organizing your life, of accumulating wealth, of getting people to give you what you want, of looking like a winner, of guiding your children, of handling stress, of counting your blessings... and so much more. Congratulation to you because you have managed to survive at all is a tribute to your courage and faith.
How Can One Begin the Journey of Entrepreneurship?
The beginning of entrepreneurship will be to define success. What is success? When do you feel you are successful? When do you feel you are not successful? The reason I am asking you these questions is because success can mean different things to different people.
When you are about to embark on the journey of entrepreneurship, you must make up your mind that you really know what success means to you before you take off. Probably you have heard of people who go after what they are seeking and only realize later on that they are missing certain aspect of their lives.
Personally I would like to define success in the categories. Your health and fitness, your wealth creation and your relationships with others. These are 3 main areas that you have concentrate on while pursuing your dreams. Most of the times people follow one out three and wonder why they are frustrated despite the success they have in that one part.
Entrepreneurs sometimes forget that health and relationship are important only to realize that when they have accumulated wealth but other part of their lives are not working. Therefore I will suggest that when you start to pursue your dream, you make sure that you have goals in all three aspect so that you don't overlook any part of life.
Entrepreneurship requires a different spirit. Forget what you have been taught in class The great myth that if you grow up... go to school and get your degree... find a job where you work for an employer - many times unrecognized as an individual - but work hard none-the-less... climbing the ladder to the top and put in thirty-plus years of hard work you can one day...possibly... own a home?... have a mediocre savings?... and.... retire?
The truth is that many of the individuals who follow down this path to success find themselves forced to come out of retirement and rejoin the workforce a few years later... often in a minimum wage job and having less freedom.
Yeah, it may be true that right now you're:
A student still wondering what you want to do with the rest of your life or what direction you will take
An employee that soars above the rest with grand ideas and visions that up to this point have put a lot of money in your employers pocket
A person that has a single idea... with a passion to bring a project to life... but you're struggling with how to start your business
The rebel that desires freedom... and money... and could never see yourself being tied down to an office cubicle
Someone with grand dreams and visions of how you would like to live your life... but you're held back by fear of failure
Quite often referred to as being "unemployable"
All the above people's categories are frustrated and need to break free. It is very hard and nearly impossible to believe that you can break loose by following education system, you have to find people who have walked the path. You have to find mentors who can direct you and educate you on what you have to do in order to become a successful entrepreneur.
Once you find someone or a couple of individuals who have gone through what you want to do, ask them to nurture you, follow their inputs, join your local business chambers, mastermind groups and eventually you will start to develop an entrepreneurship mind.
Recently there was a movie that was produced for people who want to become entrepreneurs. The producers realized that there is a great number of people like I mentioned above, who wanted to break free but did not know what to do. Therefore they decided to interview at least 35 successful young entrepreneurs who started from zero how they managed their businesses and become millionaires. These entrepreneurs revealed a lot and I believe that as you are about or have already embarked on the entrepreneur journey, you might benefit from what they were talking and discussing during the interviews.
Some of the issues they revealed are that:
The greatest enemy of achievement and how many entrepreneurs fall into this trap
Why ignoring your passion can backfire because you'll just get trapped in the JOB cycle
How to capitalize on existing ideas
The importance of perception and how to exploit it
How to jump from idea to market using a simple source of information
Why it is critical to exploit your mistakes
How the people you keep company with could be holding you back from success
Why if there's no risk... there's no return
How customers can finance your venture
Why you need to enter each venture with a heart of service
The key to dealing with people and why you should spend 90% of the time talking about them, not your pitch
What comes first...prospects...or capital?
How to start asking yourself the right questions to get the results you want
The truth about the law of attraction... and the missing step that you haven't been told
How to monetize your idea
What real failure is...and it's not a failed attempt
The reality of what you're really risking as an entrepreneur... The image in your head is a lot scarier than the facts
How to avoid launching a product...just to find out that nobody wants it
If you can understand the points above, there is no good reason why you can become a successful entrepreneur but there is a trap!!! No one can do this for you, it must be you and you alone. You have to take action regularly otherwise nothing can work out for you at all.
Henri M Christophe
Visit our site to find out more about what it takes to live a life of success. It is our aim and dream to reach out to many people who want to have a better life, who have dreams to accomplish and we believe that together we can make it happen.
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