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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tips for Filling an Emptiness in Your Life



Emptiness in your life is a symptom of something deeper. You may find that even though you're around a lot of people you may still experience feelings of being lost, emptiness and loneliness and can't figure out why nothing's giving you any deep satisfaction. And even though you love your partner and your children, something's still missing.
The emptiness you're feeling inside is a symptom of something deeper happening inside of you that needs to be resolved. Ignoring it or filling it with more stuff will not resolve it by itself.
Use the following 3 tips to help you get on track to filling the emptiness, the void inside of you.
Tip #1 - Get connected
The void you're feeling comes from the disconnection from the Universal Spirit. And just as a tree needs nutrients from the soil through its roots to sustain it otherwise it will begin to show signs of withering, so too, do we manifest feelings of emptiness when we are disconnected from the Spiritual Tree of Life and its roots.
If you're not spending time quietly being energized by the Spirit, you're missing out on vital spiritual life-giving nutrients that not only satisfies the deep longing of your heart and fills you but also penetrates all other areas of your life.
Tip #2 - Have a purpose for your life
Define a purpose for your life.
Why am I here?
What difference can I make in the time I'm here on earth?
What's the greatest impact can I make?
When you define your life with purpose you have a direction in which you're heading. Can you change this as time goes by? Yes of course, as you mature and come into more revelation of your existence.
Tip #3 - Get busy living life with clear meaning
Live every area of your life with your purpose in mind. What do I mean by that? Whether you are dealing with your children, your partner, your friends or someone you've just met, let your purpose shine through.
For example, If you define your purpose as helping others create the change they desire in their lives, then in everything you do and every person you meet you share from that purpose. Now, it's not that you're going to be always lecturing to someone. You can still share your purpose through a smile or by being a good listener because that may be all that the person needs at that moment.
As you do this, you'll find that you begin to feel more satisfied on the inside and this giving of yourself through your purpose creates a wave of overflowing joy in your life.
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From: Alicia Isaacs - Changing Inside Out Now!
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