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Monday, April 30, 2012

Ego - The Second Self



"Any RELATIONSHIP is possible only when two egos are dropped. Otherwise four persons are involved - Two real & Two imaginary."
The ego is a deep desire who wants to dominate. It's amazing to see how a three letter word can be held responsible for most of the follies in the world. Isn't it strange that everyone knows that ego is the one who keeps us away from true happiness yet everyone flaunts it?
What is ego? It is the by-product which is accumulated due to the life we spend with others. If we are left alone there will be no ego but then our lives will be like animals. Hence the phase of having an ego, a centre which we all have is necessary. In fact the birth of ego starts right at home when we start appreciating our child.
But as time passes it is essential to break the clutches of ego and live a life as we want. We should not be the slaves of our own ego which exists to satisfy certain rules made by our society. In fact being a slave of our ego leads to most of our miseries. It is not necessary to be the best in the eyes of others. It is ok to keep our egos aside and agree with our heart.
Our ego is one responsible for our craving of attention. It always searches for someone who appreciates, and gets satisfied at the reaction of others. Hence it can be termed as the enemy of our heart, even though we want to be free but our ego captures us in its vicious circle and does not allow us to do what our inner core wants.
One must not get confused between ego and self-respect. Ego is just an illusion but self-respect is essential. There is a thin line between self-respect and ego which should not be crossed. It is difficult but not impossible. When we start realising that our ego is the one that is responsible for our miseries then it will start disappearing itself. The only way to have our egos in control is to realise that there are many above us and our egos can never be so great that we become its servants.
Ego is like the spider's web which the spider builds himself but ultimately it leads to his own death. Our ego is our own creation and when we come out of the clutches of ego we will realise and mock at the fact that we were the creators of our own misery think with an open mind then there is no looking back.
Hence it is never late to realise that we have to shun our egos and start believing our hearts, as our heart will lead us to the happiness we desire and not our egos.
So, let us all realise that I, me, myself are very small words as compared to we, us and ourselves. This sure is the key to long-lasting relationships and strong relationships are always connected like the needles of the clock even if they meet occasionally.
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