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Monday, April 9, 2012

How to End Worrying and Live a Great Life


One of the habits that can really spoil a person's life and even make it miserable is the habit of worrying. The term conscious living has became quite familiar now and it explains the act of living in your present moment without thinking too much about the future or the past.
Conscious living can certainly make you happier but the habit of worrying is one of the biggest enemies to conscious living. You can easily stop enjoying great moments and think about an upcoming event only to end up ruining your mood.
Because of these reasons you must learn how to stop worrying so that you can enjoy your life.
Read this post to know about some tips that can help you stop your worrying.
5 Powerful Tips to Stop Worrying
1) Attack first: One of the best ways to prevent worrying is to prevent it from happening at the first place. Lets suppose that you are the kind of person who worries a lot in such a case you can take several actions that make you feel that you are in control. Here is an example, if you worry about your health then start to live a healthy life style and to avoid bad habits that open the door to worrying. By doing so you will prevent yourself from worrying before you even start to worry.
2) Take serious actions when you get worried: as soon as you feel worried take serious actions to calm your subconscious mind. For example if you became worried about an upcoming exam then drop what's in your hand and study very hard, only then your worrying will disappear or at least get reduced. Sometimes worrying is no more than a motivating signal your mind is sending you. Learn how to understand the signal, reply back to it so that you stop worrying.
3) Have a life plan: many people worry when they feel that they don't have control over their lives. When you write a plan or when you plan for your life you will feel that you are in control even if you were not. This plan can help you reduce worrying about the future to a great extent. Writing down your goals and future plans is one of the most effective ways to end your worrying.
4) Develop backup plans: many people start to worry when their main plan becomes in danger. Lets suppose that you wrote your goals but found that you wont reach them on time, in such a case a backup plan can certainly save you. When you plan for your future make sure you write a backup plan as well so that you don't worry even if something happened to your main plan
5) Make a worrying book: bring an empty copybook and record each event you worried about then record the outcome of the event. After you discover that nothing actually happens most of the time you will start to worry less often. In short, we always worry about things that never actually happen., the ultimate source for self understanding 10,000,000 Million visits and counting.
Why Do We Worry
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