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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Find Your Genius

You are a genius. You really are! 

You may not be smarter, more talented or more motivated than most other people but that's not what's really important.
Think about the stereotypical genius that we see in the movies or in history books. Do they project an image of genius in all or even most aspects of their lives? No they don't. They more often than not have a very focused area or genius and in fact, many other aspects of their lives actually fall short.
Picture a scientific genius who has difficulty driving a car, or an artistic genius who becomes a hermit because he lacks social acumen. You can see that true genius is focused upon a narrow section of a person's life, not a global attribute by any measure. After all, Rain Man was a genius, right?
Like so many other things in life, genius is a two sided coin. When we tap into our particular genius we feel empowered, effective and more alive. But conversely, when we deny our genius, either because of social pressure or because of artificial restrictions we have placed upon ourselves, we feel ineffectual, small and depressed.
When you see a person who is achieving great success in life and is also projecting true happiness, you are witnessing a person who has tapped into their true genius and is putting it to good use. Rather than being envious of these people, you can benefit more by remembering them and modeling their behaviors. Celebrate their good fortune and tune into it. Remember that success leaves clues. This is the first and oftentimes the most difficult step in finding your own personal genius.
Once you adopt this way of accepting others you will quickly understand something critical to your life. These successful "geniuses" are not happy and productive due to a lack of deficiencies, nothing could be further from the truth. These people, regardless of intelligence, skills or talent are successful despite their deficiencies. What then is the key differentiator between them and so many others of us? The answer is "Focus". These people have chosen, yes, chosen to focus on their personal strengths above all else.
Does this mean that these people don't work at improving upon their weak areas? No it doesn't. In fact quite the opposite is true. You see, Success breeds Success and Failure breeds Failure. By focusing on your genius and putting it to work in positive and rewarding ways allows you to look at yourself objectively and with resourcefulness.
So exactly how does a person tune into his personal genius? It's at once a simple task and extraordinarily difficult. Intuitively you know where your interests lie, but we've also been programmed over the course of our lives to deny many of these interests as being indulgent distractions. As Shakespeare wrote, "To thine own self be true". Trust yourself, the answers are all inside of you. Everything else is an externality designed by others without regard to your true self. It's your life, no one knows how to live it better than you.
What you choose to focus upon will become the reality of your life. Choose to succeed. Choose to be happy. Choose to find your genius!
Rob Scalfaro is a writer, speaker and Entrepreneur.
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