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Friday, May 3, 2013

Success Secrets: The Simple Cures For The Fear Of Failure


There is nothing that keeps most people from achieving their goals and making their dreams come true than the fear of failure. It is one of the most common ghosts that snuff the dreams and aspirations of the majority of men and women all over the world. It doesn't really matter how this fear occurs. The point is that it is a common denominator in the lives of people who live lives that are devoid of passion. It is a cause of misery and unhappiness in the world. The following are ways through which you can conquer this fear.

The secret to success in life and in business is to simply be willing to take risks. The problem however is that the fear of the unknown usually keeps most people from taking the jump and trusting their instincts. The result of this is that most people usually die with all their potential.
The key to successfully conquering the fear of failure that results from not knowing what will happen has an interesting solution. The solution is to simply close your eyes and then go ahead and do whatever it is that you want to do. Simply put, to conquer the fear of failure, you must risk failure itself.

The reason this is so effective so far as conquering your fears is concerned is simply because as human beings, we tend to overestimate the obstacles in our lives and more often than not, we tend to underestimate the capacity that lies within us. When we actually risk failure and we succeed, the confidence that comes from the small victories we achieve will thus go a long way towards helping us build confidence in ourselves.

In case that we do not succeed after "just risking it", we get to realize that failure is not really as fatal as we thought. Risking it and actually failing at the attempt makes us stronger since it serves to fortify the belief that failing is not really the end of the road.

Another key to success so far as fear of failure is concerned involves changing our attitude towards failure. This can simply be done by trying to view life more like a game rather than a test. When we develop such an outlook, life becomes less threatening. It becomes something that we can enjoy and failure becomes a simple setback simply because when it is all said and done, there shall always be the next round.

The author of Shit On Mediocrity, Become Extraordinary and Ravings Of A Madman Poems, Greg Hershey is an accomplished writer, author and personal coach.
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