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Monday, June 3, 2013

5 Easy Steps to Stimulate Your Creativity


Creativity is closely related with the critical thinking skills. It is commonly known as the tendency to recognize or generate ideas, possibilities or alternatives that may be beneficial in communicating with other people, solving problems, and cheering ourselves. This kind of thinking skill will let you process information more effectively and fruitfully.

Creativity is something enclosed inside every individual. It is a precious thing as it can lead to new solution and innovation. The advantages of being more creative will through all of your quests, giving you inspiration for new insights, new ways of doing things, and lightening your everyday tasks.
Our creativity can become easily dormant under a bunch of routine or it can be wearied by criticism or neglect. Fortunately, dormant creativity can be revived. Although creativity can never be quantified, while all of have various aspects of creativity, there are a number of ways to crank up your creativity. You can try these 5 easy steps to stimulate your creativity and see which work best for you:
  1. Accept that you are creative. This is based on the fact that everyone is creative and scientists have found that creativity is a good way to understand yourself better and to give balance in your life. If you do not allow yourself to be creative, then it is like denying part of yourself. The fact shows that being creative is good for you as it brings therapeutic and calm focus.

  2. Find your comfortable zone. Choose a spot that you can temporarily stake as yours such as a certain corner in the library, a quiet site in the garden, a certain desk in your house, or a rock close to the sea. Use the place as your thinking spot where you can have distance from the crowd. It is a place where you can freely sit, contemplate, and let the fires of your imagination on.

  3. Think differently and heighten your courage to be different. It is fine to be different from the average. Do not be afraid to ask and share your ideas. You will never know which of your ideas that can be rewarded as the creative ones by others. Just speak your mind and try not to prematurely judge your thought right or wrong. You can start this by sharing something that you are interested in the most.

  4. Welcome your imagination. Just allow your imagination to run wild by taking an idea, a problem, a hint, or a suggestion to all extremes. When outcomes arrive in your mind, exaggerate them either by magnifying or minimizing them. Just sitting around without using mind exercise will not make new ideas or inspiration appear. Instead, if you do the brainstorming, there will be some ideas that you can truly run with, which can bring you lots of lateral solutions that you had not have thought before.

  5. Encourage Fun. Creativity is less likely to grow in a rigid, pressured, overly-formatted condition. Encourage fun is a good way to give yourself outlets that can stimulate your creativity. For example, you can put a basketball hoop or hang a free-writing pad in your office. Do not appease informal discussion with friends or colleagues. Instead, it is recommended that you courage occasional surprise for yourself.
In order to foster your creativity, you should not limit yourself and should not be afraid to make mistake. Try to make changes as it will stimulate you to think outside of the box. However, since creativity aspect of every person is different, it is advisable that you can identify your area of strength and begin your attempts from there.
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