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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Where Have My Ideas Gone?


Ever wondered why sometimes you are filled with creative ideas and at other times, you feel like you are pretty brain-dead? Are you constantly looking for new and innovative ideas for your business or your projects? Here, I have complied ways you can get fresh and new ideas everyday.
Everybody loves ideas. Whether you implement it or not is another story. Sometimes we feel like we have a great idea. But when we try to recall it, it seems like it is gone. Some of us may have been out of new ideas for a long time. All we are merely doing is building upon past ideas we have had.
Being out of ideas is also known as having the Writer's Block. The fact is, we need to embrace and think of new ideas every time. Here are some ways where you can get new and fresh ideas.

1. Books
As simple as it sounds, reading a book can give you the idea you want or need. You may think you are using the author's idea. However, if the idea brings forth benefits and incentives, it is all that matters.Be it the fiction or non-fiction genre, you can craft out some great and innovative ideas out of it.
Unfortunately, some books can be detrimental as it constrains your thinking. I have read some books which I feel personally, is total rubbish. I barely made it through the first 2 chapters. I feel the authors are merely writing the books to earn money instead of doing it for their passion or to share their knowledge. In short, you know a great book when you read one and you will know a terrible book when you see one.

2. Breaking From Regularity
Everyday, we do things unconsciously. From brushing your teeth to taking a bus to work. From buying lunch to doing the laundry. All these things we do, we do it on a habitual basis. Fresh ideas can't flow in because we are basically using very little of our brain.
Next time you are performing the stuffs you do everyday, try doing it a little differently. If you have always brush your teeth with your left hand, try using the right for a change. If you have always ate the same few dishes during lunch time, try some new dish for a change. In that way, you will use more of your brain and tap into your creativity more easily.

3. Away From The Desk
Are you always trying to think of new or fresh ideas on your working desk? With all those piles of work waiting to be done, it is no wonder new ideas can't get in. Take the time off to go for a walk or stroll. It doesn't need to be in a fancy park. Just take about 10-15 minutes away from your work and explore your office building or around its premises.
Some of the greatest entrepreneurs and world leaders get fresh ideas every time. Wonder how they do it? Sometimes the greatest ideas strike them when they are in the air. Because when you are so many miles above ground, you feel like you are disconnected from the working world and environment. All personal communication devices are switched off and you can really have all the time to yourself.

4. Meeting New People
When you meet new people, you being to see things in the way they do. You being to have another view or perspective towards things whereas originally, you only had one view. Mingling with new souls is a great way to get fresh and new ideas because you begin to embrace things in life in a different way.
But also be extremely cautious of certain types of people. I am sure you heard of the pessimists or the energy-vampires. They could be out there with an ulterior motive. Just make sure you feel comfortable around the people you mingle with. Go with your gut feeling on how you feel about them. More often than not, your instinct will be right about them. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

5. New Pastime / Hobby
When was the last time you have tried on a new hobby or sport? Do you remember the first time you tried your favourite pastime or hobby? You probably didn't like it initially as you kept failing. However, relentless efforts to master it make you cherish the particular sport or hobby even more.
Embark on a new hobby or pastime. Struggle through the initial phase like you did before. Only then you will be able to tap into your creativity. Enhanced creativity is another way for you to get fresh and new out of the box ideas.
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