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Friday, September 18, 2009

4 Natural Remedies For Panic Attacks

By Andrew O. Hunter
Having a panic attack is one of the most uncomfortable feelings imaginable. Good thing there are several natural ways to resolve and eliminate panic and anxiety attacks without dangerous prescription drugs.
Breath Exercises - The breath has long been used as a means to center the mind and calm the body. Just think of meditation and Yoga. Controlling your breath will relax the body and soothe the mind. The root physical symptom of a panic attack can be found in the breath. What starts as quick and shallow breathing can build up to a full-blown panic attack. You can often stop a panic attack by learning to take deep, and slow breaths when you feel an attack coming on.
Herbs and Herbal Infused Teas - Prescription drugs come with all sorts of side effects that many people just cannot accept. Herbal remedies can often help with panic attacks without the side effects. These can consist of valerian, passion flower, chamomile, California poppy, kava kava, or lemon balm. It is difficult to know what the precise dose is. Each person is unique and they will need a dose that is specific to them.
Homeopathy - These mixtures of herbs can be effective in treating panic and anxiety problems. Bach Flower Remedies are created from a mix of flowers. The Rescue Remedy is used by many to soothe panic and anxiety. Also be on the lookout for "Kali Phos 6x" which is formulated to treat the nervous system. Specifically when it is exhausted from panic or anxiety.
Alternative Therapies - Have you considered acupuncture? It has been used for centuries to align the body's energy. Or if that seems a bit too intense, try the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). You'll get the benefits without the risk of becoming a human pin cushion. It is fast and you can do it in the comfort of you own home.
Because each of us is different some of the above listed remedies for panic attacks may be more effective.
Andrew Hunter used to suffer from panic attacks, and now that he has recovered, he enjoys helping others on the path to regaining their personal freedom and control over their life.
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