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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Simple Proven Methods on How to Fight Anxiety

By Brad Grayson
Stress is found everywhere and in every situation. This is because stress is actually a normal part of life. Difficulties arise when stress becomes so overwhelming it takes over the daily life of its victims, thereby manifesting itself in panic attacks, social phobias, and anxiety disorders, some of which may become severe. Thankfully, there are several methods on how to fight anxiety which are quite effective.
First, remember when a panic attack comes on, there may be a feeling of not being able to breathe. This is not life threatening and is simply caused from the act of breathing in too quickly which in turn, causes hyperventilation. This is because not enough carbon dioxide is being released. Some people recommend breathing into a paper bag until normal breathing is restored, while other remedies are slowing down the breathing through certain breathing exercises.
Learning to say no to others, breathing exercises, getting plenty of rest, and changing jobs even, are other ways on how to fight anxiety, and may reduce stress and panic attacks. It is interesting to note stress disorders are found to be more common in women. Because women are expected to play certain roles in society, they are more than likely filled with guilt when they do not perform their roles efficiently and constantly. Often, this gives them no time to care for themselves as they care for others, and this can be extremely stressful.
Not only women have anxiety disorders, men also have them, particularly younger men who attend college, athletes, or anyone where excellent performance is expected. Type A personalities often go hand in hand with panic attacks, so how to fight anxiety in their lives is to simply slow down, assess the situation that is causing the stress, then make the necessary changes. Although stress isn't usually harmful, long term stress can affect the heart eventually and then become deadly. So finding ways to reduce stress is beneficial to long term health.
Remember to always have a physician give a thorough medical checkup including blood work to cancel out any other illnesses which may mimic anxiety disorders then work from there for the best treatments recommended.
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