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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

How Your State of Mind Can Effect Your Body

By Robert Roderick
A lot of people are unaware that any form of mental stress in large amounts can effect your body in an obvious way. This is especially true for those that suffer from depression or anxiety, and the mind is letting you know physically that there is something not quite right.
I personally went through a period in my life where anxiety and depression took over my life completely, my health declined at a rapid rate, I was feeling symptoms and pain in places I never knew could be affected solely on the stress that my mind was giving me. This in time made me realise that I was actually suffering from anxiety, and these signals played a part in helping me determine what actions I needed to take to change my way of thinking.
You find that your heart may beating rapidly for no apparent reason or maybe your hands start to sweat when you feel anxiety. Changes in appetite and less sleep come with feelings of worry or sadness. All these physical signals let us know what could be possibly arising in the near future and that a storm is brewing.
What you can do to help you determine what it is that you're thinking that could be possibly causing the above symptoms, is make a note of each event on a day to day basis. Anytime for example you break into a cold sweat or find that you cannot sleep, make a note of it and write down the thoughts that occurred just before you felt those physical sensations. Once you have figured out mentally what is causing you those uncomfortable symptoms you can then start to programme the brain into a different thought pattern to prevent symptoms arising again.
Always remember to firstly visit your local doctor just to be sure your physical symptoms are not an underlying health problem, I stress this very much as not all physical problems are directly related to anxiety or depression.
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  1. interesting article about stress, by the way what can you say about magnesium supplements being used to relieve stress