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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

3 Reasons Why Teens Hide Their Emotional Problems

 By Kevin Doherty


They say that teenage years are the most exciting yet the most critical part of anybody's life. In these years, we experience a lot of changes and we often struggle facing those. In fact, many teenagers reach "the rebellious stage" where they somewhat refuse to obedience, making them act like they are disrespectful. This is because teenagers are highly emotional. They take things too seriously and for instances that made them feel down and depressed, they eventually suffer from emotional pain.

Emotional pain becomes severe whenever a person hides it. And teenagers are in the most cases. The question is why do teens hide their emotional problems? There are three major reasons about that.

1. Distrust of people

The first one is because they do not trust anyone. And because they trust no one, they are not able to express their selves and share their emotional thoughts. This makes them hide all their emotional problems within themselves. They may have peers but they find no one of them worthy to trust in.

2. Pretending

The second one is that they are shy to show what they really feel. They are afraid to cry for they think that it is a sign of weakness. They would prefer pretending their happy and strong rather than letting other people see them like little weaklings. That's a big no- no for teenagers. But it is understandable that they just find it hard to adjust with the sudden changes of their emotions as well as their mentality. The worse is that if they brought that kind of attitude as they go to their adulthood.

3. Childhood traumas

The third one is because they are maybe linked to their childhood traumas. The pain they suffered from remained inside them as they grow up. When they reach adolescence or the teenage stage, they find it hard to adapt with the environment. This is the reason why they hide their emotional dilemmas.

Hiding your emotional pain and even problems can cause you too much, even your life. There are cases of suicides and physical injuries from people who severely suffered from emotional pain. It is important to prevent these from happening. Parents and elders should deeply understand how teenagers act with their problems. They should be guided and helped how to deal and cope with those problems so that they will learn not to hide their emotional pain.

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