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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Reasons To Keep Cool Under Pressure

 By Carol Simes


Everyday life can be going along smoothly, and without warning something will occur that could cause a person to lose their temper. However, keeping cool under pressure can have some rewards that pay off in greater understanding of yourself and others. Let's take a look at some situations where it might be difficult to stay calm.

Children may play in the house, but as a general rule it is better for them to be outside where no damage can happen to the furniture and accessories. A ball and bat can provide hours of fun, but a wild ball can go through the plate glass window. Now there is an unexpected expense, and wasted electricity to keep the house at a preset temperature. It could be very easy to lose your temper.

Most families need all of the adults employed so that the household income is sufficient to enjoy a few things in life. Since everyone is away at work everyday there is no one there to oversee the family pets. It can be very stressful to come home and find all of your good clothing scattered throughout the house, and a perfect example of a moment when most people would lose their cool.

Landscaping can make a home look more attractive, and sometimes the neighbors are helping to provide accents which serve multiple purposes. One of your favorite things to do after work, or on a weekend, was to sit under the shade of their trees to relax and unwind. Upon arriving at home one day, you find all of those trees have been cut down. The dismay can escalate into fury.

There are times when a person awakes to prepare for work, and it takes all the energy they have to drag themselves out of bed. They go through the routine of getting bathed and dressed, gulp down some breakfast, and head out the door to another day. Upon nearing the car they look down and see that the rear tire is as flat as it can be. The unsettling decision is now between getting all sweaty, or calling a tow truck, and trying to keep their cool.

A nice place to get away and reflect on family situations can be in a wooden shed that is wired with electricity. Here a person can be all alone, but still on hand for anything concerning the home. Most of these buildings have at least a couple of windows, and a perfect place to install one of the air conditioning units that could help a person keep cool while doing a hobby.

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  1. Most of the pressure that we will is self-induced. We expect so much of ourselves and ask a great deal of ourselves. Rather than getting upset take a look at what it means to you. Possibly you are asking too much or have an irrational expectations or fears about the situation. Remmind yourself that you are in control. Change your mind about it.

    Ed Fox