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Sunday, May 1, 2011

7 Tips To Overcome Failure

By Irabor Akimien Mark


Many people are afraid of not achieving things and goals they had set for themselves, and when they do not achieve them their fear comes to surface and they lose faith in their ability. If you view failure as a disease, it will corrupt your mind and will not let you achieve what you had set out to achieve.

Over time, successful people have realized that failures are not bad and are necessary to achieve better things in life and more importantly to enjoy the taste of success. Here are tips to help you view failure form a new perspective.

1. Failure will only help you identify your weak points. If you went for an examination and failed does not make you a failure but instead will help you identify your area of weakness of course, you might feel bad when you did not achieve your goals, but that is not enough to make you lose hope. Losing hope will never help you to achieving your goals. The only way to achieving them is to surpass your weakness and work towards your goals. To do that, you must understand your failure, embrace them instead of running away from them.

2. When you are afraid of your failures, you will lose sight of what you actually wanted to achieve. When you run away from problem instead of solving it, it will continue to pursue you.

3. Some people are so afraid of failing that they are concerned about removing their competitors from the race instead of aiming for a healthy competition. This is the bane of our society today.

4. When we fail, we learn a new way not to fail again. When you go for an interview and failed, you learn what you have not done, what you have done that you should not have done, how you answered that question. All these will help you in your next interview.

5. Failure may look bad for a short term, but it will tell you what you are not good at. Just because you are not good at one thing does not necessarily mean you are not good at all. It tells you also what you are good at. You must work your way towards that other thing.

6. You will not be able to achieve anything if you kept on thinking about your failure. We feel helpless when we fail to achieve something. We must learn to control that feeling because feeling helpless will only make us weaker. You will not work properly towards your goals if you continue to fear about failure. You will not be able to use your skills and mind properly and this will ultimately lead to your failure. So if you kept on thinking about your failure, you will end up failing.

7. If you accept your failure and welcome it, it will no longer remain a failure, it will only serve as a gateway to greater achievements.

As long as you have not given up, you are not a failure. Never run away from problem, face it and solve it. Jobs, Employment, Real Estate, Job/Recruitment Portal. Largest Jobs and Career Search on the net

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