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Monday, October 24, 2011

Stop Feeling Bad - For Good!



Why do you want to stop feeling bad for good? My guess is that you've forgotten that all your feelings are trying to send you messages that are uniquely important for you. Especially those that make you feel bad.
Take a moment now and ask yourself whether this sounds more true than the idea that feeling bad is your enemy? That feeling bad is a problem or illness that you need to get rid of?
You see, few of us grew up being taught the true purpose and meaning of our feelings. In fact, many of us were even punished for feeling bad. That's why it's totally reasonable that as a child, we came to the conclusion that it's bad to feel bad. And that we need to do whatever we can to stop feeling bad for good.
Now that you remember the true purpose of all your feelings, wouldn't it be more useful to learn how to decipher what your bad feelings are trying to tell you instead of trying to shut them up like naughty children? Because when you start to listen to what your "bad" feelings are saying, not only will you stop feeling bad, you will also learn more about yourself than using any other method.
But Why Does Feeling Bad Feel So Bad?
Do you remember how you felt as a child when you tried to give someone a message and he/she ignored you? Terrible wasn't it? And what does a child do he/she is ignored? He/She works even harder to get your attention. Either by getting louder. Or doing something dramatic that is sure to attract everyone's attention.
That's what your bad feelings have been doing. That's why sometimes, you feel so bad that you think it may be better to die than to have to feel so bad any more. Because the more you suppress and try to shut all your bad feelings up, the louder they have to get to give you their message!
So What Can You Do Instead To Stop Feeling Bad For Good?
You can make friends with your feelings. Especially the "bad" ones. Making friends with your feelings is the sure way to decipher what your feelings are trying to tell you.
How? By the same way you make friends with other people.
  • You ask them questions.
  • You get to know their names.
  • You spend some time with them.
  • You do your best to understand their character.
  • You let them know that you appreciate them.
  • You treat them the way you prefer to be treated.
Here Are The Most Common Messages That "Bad Feelings" Try To Tell Us...
  • There's something important for you to notice here.
  • This thought is not right for you. Choose again.
  • There's something else you prefer here. What is it?
Ultimately, To Accurately Know What Messages Your "Bad Feelings" Are Sending, Ask...
  • What do I need to know here?
  • What is right about this that I'm not getting?
And To Stop Feeling Bad For Good, You Need To Practice!
Since you've been making your bad feelings wrong for a long time now, it's likely you won't receive the messages they want to give you immediately. Because just like any friendship, it takes some time to build trust and familiarity.
So take it one day at a time. Celebrate any signs of progress. For example, you may notice you feel less bad after asking your feelings what they're trying to say. Or you receive an answer when you ask the questions. Keep pushing forward.
Are You Sure This Works To Stop Feeling Bad For Good?
When you make friends with your feelings, you eventually feel comfortable having them around. Because...
  • You know what your bad feelings mean.
  • You know how to deal with them.
  • You know how to pacify them.
  • Most of all, you keep building a solid relationship with yourself. The kind of relationship that you know will never ever let you down. Which then becomes a firm example of all the other relationships you have in your life.
You'll know you've succeeded at stopping yourself from feeling bad for good when you even feel grateful for the information and messages being given to you. I guarantee it's worth the effort.
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