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Monday, October 10, 2011

Why Am I Always So Anxious?



I used to wonder at this. Why am I always anxious? Indeed, I used to think, many years ago, that everyone felt as I did. But of course they don't and if you think that way, please dispel the thought from your mind. The reason for this feeling goes back many, many thousands of years, back to the time when we were running around in skins and living in caves.
Grab a nice cup of tea or coffee, sit back in your favourite chair and let your imagination travel back to a young man of probably around 18 years of age, who decides to go out with a number of his companions to hunt.
This is in the Paleolithic period, so we're probably looking at about 25,000 years ago. Now, this chap wouldn't be a Neanderthal; those poor old fellows had died out a long time before then. No, he'd be very similar to us, and in his own way, just as intelligent.
Suddenly, he sees the tracks of a small deer. He kneels and examines the hoof-marks. There's a bit of a breeze, but the edges of the tracks are razor sharp, so they're obviously fresh. He forgets everything else, including the whereabouts of his friends. He follows the tracks, but suddenly hears the howl of a wolf.
Now, how would you feel? Remember, he doesn't carry anything as sophisticated even as a bow and arrow. All he has is his spear and skinning knife. It's a sunny day and he looks up to find the sun past its zenith. It really doesn't matter where he goes, the wolves will track him and take him down. Climb a tree? Could do but there are some pretty nasty things in trees, too! A cave? Same reasoning. Goodness knows what he'd find in a cave.
Another howl, this time closer. Why didn't he think of his companions? Why did he just wander off like that? He lives in an area which is warm and the dusk is relatively short. Now he hears the wolf even closer and this time, its playmates have joined it.
He's terrified. Sweat pours off him when all of a sudden, he hears the sounds that make his heart sing! His companions have come to find him. He hears them calling his name and he follows the sound until once more he's united with them. Although of course he'd never label it as such, he's just suffered a bout of anxiety.
These days, we aren't too likely to find a pack of real wolves chasing us in Times Square! Plenty of human wolves, but they aren't going to kill us, unless we've been very silly indeed.
The real unpleasantness about General Anxiety Disorder and the reason so many wonder why am I always so anxious, is because so much of it comes on through your imagination. For no sensible reason, you may take it into your head that you're in danger of losing your job.
If this does happen to you, stop. Sit down, and ask yourself just how rational is this thought? When you face anxiety head on like that, and allow the rational side of your brain to take over, you find that these thoughts will soon vanish.
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