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Friday, March 23, 2012

How to Accomplish Something You Want



The first stage to accomplishing something you want it is decide what it is. Limit the boundaries so that it becomes possible. Further additions can be added at a later date if you wish For instance, if you are going on holiday and you want to have some idea of how to order food, find things in supermarkets and go shopping or understand road signs you need some basic words and phrases. To do this you don't need the whole language. A phrase book will give you the basics of food, some useful phrases and the necessary verbs where you can select the most used parts as well as numbers. A small dictionary will cover unexpected words.
If you learn these carefully and try and hear a native speaker pronounce the words, you will have achieved what you need to do. If later you become intrigued with the language you can take it further.
However the project you choose might be bigger. Working for a degree can be dealt with in a similar way. Trying to look at three or four years of hard learning can be daunting for the brightest person. If you break the work to be covered into years, courses, sub subjects and devise a system of learning which suits, you the idea becomes achievable. Everyone learns differently but having a length of wall paper lining paper and breaking down the elements of each section into categories is a start. Research has shown most people can manage to remember seven to nine facts together. If you break down each piece of work into seven or nine elements and each element has a number of parts it is possible to have a pattern in your mind. For visual people using pictures and color associations helps, for aural people singing the work, associating it with a piece of music might help.This way you can accumulate a huge amount of material fairly easily in your mental library and can access it. It still requires the effort of learning but it is now in manageable chunks. Incidentally learning with others seems to be beneficial.
When the project is something physical like learning to make furniture the approach is the same but adapted to the issue. Research the best teacher, school or organization which offers what you want. If the preliminary stages of learning to make joints seems tedious stick with it because that is the basis of the work. Practice in anything becomes easier.
To recap, refine the goal, control the boundaries of the goal, keep the important points in chunks, don't become sidetracked by what is irrelevant at this stage, make sure the goal is possible to avoid disappointment and be persistent. Most individuals can do much more than they believe they can.
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