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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

How to Stop Being Embarrassed


We all make mistakes, simply put, it's part of being human. It can be quite embarrassing sometimes to make even the smallest mistakes in front of people, especially ones we care particularly about what they think about us. Here is some advice about how to stop being embarrassed.
Realize we are ALL only human, and make mistakes.
Think about a time when you have seen somebody else make an embarrassing mistake. Were they embarrassed, too? They probably were, even if they did not show it. If every single person in the same room as you were embarrassed, and they told you, you probably would not feel at least just a little less embarrassed, knowing that they all are feeling the same way as you. Everybody has been there, and most of the time, people are not judging you the way you think they are, just like you are probably not judging them the way they think you may be.
Embrace who you are.
One great thing about the human race is the fact that, although we are all a lot alike, we are all so different. We all have our own likes and dislikes. We all have our own quirks and habits. If you feel embarrassed about something that is a part of who you are, whether it is physical, mental, behavioral, or anything else, embrace the fact that because of the fact that it is different, it is unique.
What you may find embarrassing, may actually be really cool to somebody else, and, in most cases, you are not alone and somebody out there is probably going through the same thing as you are. It may help to find or even start a group or club for people with the same thing. If there truly is no one out there, then that makes you even more special and unique, and you should take that as a good thing. Remember, you could really rise above this difference by educating people about it, and who knows, you may help some one else who is in your shoes.
Educate yourself
If you are embarrassed about something that you are not that familiar with, do some research. If you are reading this, chances are that you are already starting to get over your embarrassment. You may not feel it yet, but I hope through doing research and learning, you will very soon. The more you know about something, like a medical condition, for example, the less you may feel embarrassed about it. You may find that it's a lot more common than you thought, which tends to make things a little less embarrassing, knowing that many other people have gone through or are going through the same thing as you are.
Don't forget, that to educate others so that they may understand you, you must educate yourself so that you may understand you.
There will always be times when you really feel stupid, ashamed, or embarrassed, but by following some of my advice, hopefully you won't feel that horrible feeling as much or as strongly. Hopefully you now know how to stop being embarrassed.
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