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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Techniques on Worrying Less


Some people seem to be compulsive worrier, and tend to worry about just about everything and anything, even to the point where their worrying can become chronic and even obsessive. If you are one of these people who find that worrying is starting to interfere and affect your daily life, then you could probably do with some tips on how to stop worrying. Worrying will not solve the problem that makes you worry. It could even worsen everything.
Here's a few tips to help you learn how to stop worrying so much:
Think positive.
One way to learn how to stop worrying so much is to learn to put a positive spin on every situation you face. Having a positive attitude towards everything you do can actually work wonders on your mind, and help you to greatly reduce your worrying. That's not to say just by being positive you will get the outcome you desire, but with the right attitude you can certainly reduce your level of worry to a more manageable level.
Your thoughts play a huge role in how much you will worry about performing a certain task or getting through an event at some point in the future. Some people will find themselves analyzing things too much and concentrating on all the things that could go wrong and all the bad things that might happen.
You need to be realistic with what the outcome could be, but at the same time, by positively analyzing the situation you are faced with you will learn how to stop worrying more effectively. We need to look at reducing the risks of things that could go wrong but we cannot control everything.
Stop thinking.
Another way to learn how to stop worrying so much is a technique called "thought stopping". This technique basically works by consciously telling yourself to "stop!", every time you get repeated negative and worrisome thoughts. By consciously stopping yourself and replacing your worried thoughts with more realistic and positive ideas and feelings, you can eventually train yourself to learn how to stop worrying in no time at all.
Breathe in, breathe out.
Another technique that a lot of people find helps them to learn how to stop anxiety is to learn to breathe properly. There are numerous breathing techniques and practices available to you, so try a few out and just pick the techniques that best suits your needs depending on the situation you find yourself in.
Distract yourself.
You could also try a number of distraction techniques. Simple activities like calling a friend, reading a book, talking the dog for a walk can help you distract yourself from any worrying thought you might have. Distraction can be a short-term solution to a worrying situation you may have, however, used in conjunction to the other techniques discussed you should be able to control your worries in a much better way.
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