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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Feeling Down and Depressed?



Depression hurts. We all feel sad from time to time, but when a person is suffering from depression constantly, it hurts. Depression is a serious mental disorder that many take too lightly, but the truth is, depression is deadly. People with major depressive disorders have committed suicide, taking their own lives. Thus, when someone is suffering with depression it is important to give thorough consideration to what the person is saying.
People with depression lose hope, and often feel like the world has caved in on them, thus making it difficult to concentrate and cope with daily life. It gets worse when a person depressed feels that no one cares or is listening to what they have to say.
I lost a dear friend to depression. The warning signs were ignored. In the small rural area I lived in, my friend owned a glass shop. He was an alcoholic and struggling with depression. One day, he used his handgun to shoot himself, and when he failed, he staggered across the street to the police department and convinced them it was an accidental shooting. They believed him. I knew that this was the first warning sign. I instantly headed to my friends house once he was admitted from the hospital after being treated for his chest wound.
I encouraged him; I did everything within my power to persuade him to get help, and even offered to stay with him. Nothing I did worked. Later, my friend said he was going hunting, telling his family he would be back soon. I knew that was a lie when another friend of mine told me. That day, he shot himself in the head, a few days later he died.
Depression hurts not only those suffering, but those who are hurt by actions such as suicide. It is appalling that few people hear the "Silent Cries of" these "Victims" who silently suffer. It is time to wake up people, have them take notice. If someone you know suffers depression there is help for these people. They do not have to suffer alone.
Programs such as Cognitive Behavioral therapy are available online. Cognitive behavioral therapy is a helpful technique that helps the patient focus on thoughts and behaviors that causes the depression. By looking closely at these thoughts and behaviors, a person can spot irrational thoughts, and learn to deal with ruminating, hopeless thoughts more effectively. There is help.
Signs of depression
• Isolation
• Drinking frequently
• Loss of interest in activities
• Loss of interest in friends and family
• Feeling hopeless
• Deep sadness
• Insomnia
• Loss of concentration
• Fatigue
• Excessive sleeping patterns
• Weight gain or loss
• Excessive guilt
• Reoccurring suicidal thoughts
Depression is no joke. If you know someone who is suffering with depression, help them get emotional support.
Cognitive-behavioral therapy
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