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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Overcoming Frustration in Your Life


I used to absolutely, completely, definitely, dislike or to be exact, hate frustration. It was a psychological response, I just can't help it. I feel like crap when it happens. I think you know the feeling. You feel hopeless and you ask yourself, "Why is this happening to me?"
How to overcome this.
First of all, you make friends with Frustration. Seriously!
The best part about it is that you can get over frustration. Frustration is actually a key component in your self improvement. Take it like an armistice. As any other psychological response, frustration harnesses a lot of energy. And you can use that energy. Actually, it's such a pity to let it slide away.
Now, the steps to be taken.
Step 1: Recognize the Problem
Accept it. Yes, you are frustrated. It's already occurred, and you don't have a time machine. You are here and you're frustrated. You are not sad, angry or indifferent. You are frustrated. Write it down and look at yourself in the mirror and say,"I'm looking at me and I'm frustrated". Then, next step is open up by telling a close friend of yours about your frustration.
Acknowledging the issue will make you feel better. The burden of keeping the frustration inside you has been released. The negative energy is out and this may stop you from doing silly things. You tend to do silly things when you are frustrated, right?
Step 2: Change the situation - Action Plan
Now that you know you're frustrated, act on the situation. Change the environment. Make it positive. Now think about the actions need to be taken. What is your plan A, B or C? Get a trusted person to sit down with you to plan your actions. Do you need to apologise to anyone? Write a report to the authority? Think it over and act! No more dwelling into that frustration. Move on! Some sort of sorrow coming your way? Take a deep breath and.. push it away! You are a better person now as you have acknowledged your frustration and planned your actions. Taking action is your goal now. You are reaching the next level of life already.
Step 3: Appreciate your New Level
After you began to take action, the atmosphere around you will look better. You have moved on. Don't dwell into it again! And, above all, enjoy it. Appreciate yourself for being able to overcome frustration. You have moved to the next level of life and let bygones be bygones.
Frustration is actually like an elevator in your life. Control it wisely. You want to be a better person, right? Frustration has brought you to a new level faster and be happy about it. Dwelling into the past is like pressing the down button and going to the lower ground when you are supposed to go up, let say, level 12.
Moral of the story is, if you are frustrated, it is not the end of the world. You, yes, you have the key to the solution box. Open it and use it to the max. You will become a better person and you gonna be proud of yourself.
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