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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Craving for Success?


Are you spending a lot of time thinking and thinking and rethinking about your options for having a successful life?
Are you trying over and over to find out what traits and capabilities successful people have that you think you lack?
This is when you are craving for success; you feel you have it inside you, the potential, the talent and the dedication but you just don't know how to make it true. Success really starts with an internal feeling that you are born to be successful and it is a feeling that just never ends but keeps on growing. Success is a track that you have to walk through, some people choose to walk and others to run so simply you choose which way you want to follow to be successful.
One simple advice for you seeking success is to feel this pleasurable feeling inside and then just do anything you can to transform this feeling into something materialistic that you can see and others can appreciate you for.
Every minute that passes in your day is a minute you lost so try to plan for all your time.
In life you will face many challenges and the hardest is when you challenge yourself. We all have 24 hours per day whether we are successful or not but the point is that some people know how to use every second of their time and those are the ones you should be observing well.
The top six steps you must have to start working and to be successful:
1. Be creative or find a creative partner to work with because a creative idea is your biggest asset in any business.
2. Take the idea into action and start PLANNING; Do some research in this step and see what similar ideas were done before and whether they were a success or failure and know why and just start to plan what tasks you need to be done.
3. Build a dedicated team because every success involves team work and don't let financial stuff ruin this because there are many people out there waiting for your call to work on a private work so start looking for this team within your friends and neighbours first then start looking outside. If you have a creative idea you easily can bring a group of enthusiastic players with you to form a brilliant team.
4. Assess your team's potential and capabilities and engage them in the idea and start dividing tasks among them.
5. Put deadlines for every task and monitor the daily work.
6. Marketing and Marketing. Marketing is your door to the real world so never rely on one marketing technique. Marketing is what will distinguish you from others; it is what will form your image, what will make you succeed or fail, and what will make your idea become real.
Now put a big title on a plain paper saying "i am successful" and then start with the steps and start planning for your life and believe in you and just then what you dream of will be just one step away.
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