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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Man Vs Ants - Who Will Win?


Are you smarter than ant? You may say what kind of question is this? Or you may answer emphatically with a resounding yes. After all we are bigger, therefore our brains are bigger. They are tiny, therefore they have little brains. Right? Can you even picture the size of an ants' brain? It must be really tiny, right? Maybe so, maybe not.
Ok, here's the scenario that possessed me to ask such a question. Last year around this time just on the cusp of summer. I had a little ant problem. These little bastards decided that my home was the perfect location to scavenge for food after a long hibernation over the winter. The decision was made and they mounted an all-out attack around my kitchen sink. They marched obediently in a single file, reminiscent of my old army days. Some were coming and some were going. I just assumed they had to find food to feed the big fat queen, somewhere in the lair.
Upon witnessing this, I decided that my home was not big enough for my family and a whole army of ants. So I decided to fight back. I waged an all-out chemical warfare. I went to the local hardware store and bought some ant bait. I read the instructions carefully and mounted my own attack. The label said to put the bait in the infested area. I thought to myself, perfect, I'll just put the bait where they will have cross over it. So I put the bait smack middle in their perfect little single file trail they had going.
Upon encountering the bait, some scattered, some went around it, and some decided to eat it. Before long they all began to feast on the bait. I said to myself, good, eat and die you little bastards, and went about my business. A few hours later, I came back to check on my bait, and as expected, they was a mass of dead ants around it. A trail of dead ants all the way to the crack where they came from. My only hope now was that maybe some of the ants took the bait all the way to the queen. Terminating the queen is the only way to totally eradicate the population, as she lays millions of eggs at a time. Anyway, my ant problem was solved and I never saw another ant for the rest of the summer. The skull and crossbones on the package of the ant bait really meant something.
Fast forward one year, the following summer around the same time. At first I saw one little straggling ant. Not a threat, nothing the mighty hammer fist of a human hand can't handle, smash. Then there were two ants, the following day, hmmmm, then more and more. Ok, no problem, I know exactly how to deal with this. I went and got my bait with the skull and crossbones on it. But wait, I thought to myself, this thing was supposed to kill the entire colony along with the queen. Anyway, I was happy to be able to get rid of them for the entire season. So once again I mounted a counter attack.
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