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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Get Out of Overwhelm



In order to keep up with all the things there are to do, leaders know the importance of keeping good records. Some of us have lists and lists of things we would like to do. Some of us have no lists but ideas and dreams in our heads of where our life needs to go. It is sometimes hard to keep up with it all. We need to be sure to write down what it is we need to do. We need to be sure we weed out some of the things which may not be that important or part of God's plan for us. We need to be sure we persevere and continue on doing what God is calling us to do.
Writing things down and sorting our thoughts and ideas out are good ways to bring structure to our plans. When we feel something is pressing on our hearts or minds to do, we should write it down. We should write out in detail what we feel is important about doing that particular thing and date it. Writing things down gives us confirmation that a plan is forming in our minds. Seeing that idea or thought on paper helps us plant it into our minds.
Not all ideas or thoughts we write down will be part of God's plan for us. We may write down 80 percent of ideas that never really come into fruition. We know we can't do everything in life and be good at it so we need God to help us weed out what things we need to eliminate or put off so we can focus only on what things we need to do right away. God can help us remove the things He doesn't want us to do. He can help us sort through the mess of ideas that come to us and focus on what His plan is for us.
Getting things on paper and deciding what is most important to work on is a great start. Some may say it's the easy part. The next step is to get started. The next step is not to give up. The next step is to stay focused and persevere so we can complete the tasks God has highlighted for us to do. There will be setbacks. There will be issues. There will be struggles. However, going in knowing God will get us through all things and teach us along the way will be incentive to continue on.
Leaders do have a great deal going on in their lives between home, work and other activities. However, writing them down helps to get the things they need to do off their minds and onto paper. Sorting them out helps us to see what things are most important to God. Persevering helps us learn along the way about what we need to do next and what things we need to change so we can keep going. Remembering these three things will allow us to make the difference God wants us to make and not get overwhelmed along the way.
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