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Friday, December 21, 2012

How To Stop Losing The Same Battles


My first major exam in college had tremendous value to me because it led to my taking a very important step. That first exam revealed that I must make changes if I was to be successful. It has been said, "In this world, you will have tribulation." In fact, this life involves constant warfare for every individual on every level of life and in every institution. If anyone of us stops fighting back and defending himself, he will be destroyed.
On the physical level, our bodies are constantly fighting off the invasion of all kinds of bacteria and virus. Our illnesses occur when our inner forces are too weak to resist the spread of some type of germ. On the physical level and on every level of our life, our health does not normally depend on a sterile environment but on the strength of our inner forces to fight against the attacking germs, foolish attitudes or wrong ideas.
Emotionally, we can become depressed or trapped in a pattern of negative thinking because of the availability of bad news all around us. Each of us is being invited to a pity party which will inevitably lead to more and more negativity. We are naturally inclined to focus on self and the hurts and disappointments to self. Embracing the natural response of bitterness or revenge will only turn into an in-depth attack on our emotional health.
At a yet deeper level, we are often tempted to believe that there is no long term hope for the future and no reason for our existence beyond our own comfort and pleasure. Whatever faith we have is continually being challenged.
Inner life force is needed on each of these levels to defend against and combat the forces which, if unresisted, would destroy us. On a physical level, we may try to avoid the attacking forces but, in reality, our only solution to illness will be to build up our inner strength in our immune system. At the deepest level of our spirit, we must have a faith and hope based on a foundation that can not be shaken or destroyed. Our emotional health depends on the stability of our spirit and also on mental food which will give us truth and light.
Our relationships can give us encouragement and support on each of these levels. But, if we have wrong or wounded relationships, they can also significantly weaken us. Marriage and family relationships need frequent tune-ups in communication, forgiveness and understanding.
Denial of this war will only lead to our eventual surprise and shock as some part of our life collapses. If we have a "head in the sand", "I'm a victim" approach to life, we will continue to take in things that weaken us in body, soul or spirit. Unless we change our thinking, some inner line of defense will eventually and suddenly collapse. In reality, all of us will experience lost battles but we don't have to keep losing the same battles.
Thankfully, there are many ways to build up our inner strength and win the battle the next time it comes around. I failed that first college exam and that turned out to be a huge benefit because it caused me to take the first step toward winning the next battle. The first step is always the same. But, it also very difficult. We must first admit to ourselves that we don't know it all and that we need to change. This first step is tough but the good news is that we have control over it. The same battles we used to lose will start to become victories once we take this first step, change our mind and begin to strengthen our personal and family inner foundations and defenses.
Gerald is a Certified Professional Coach who has been blogging and helping with personal development for over 10 years.
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