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Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Steve Jobs Inspired Dream!



It happened once that I had nothing to do. I am kidding hah!

I always have nothing to do. Again kidding. ENOUGH of it.

So I was once wondering about people and their role models. Back recently the great Steve Jobs met an unfortunate death. No doubt about what an amazing person he was. But after his death he became even more of a hero. He deserved it. The passion he had for his work cannot be matched by someone easily. So after a while, when I got over the fact that he is no more in this world. I was thinking about people and their iCons. What clicked me was that people instead of taking proper inspiration and lessons from them, they just blindly follow them. Well this doesn't make any sense right now. But it will as you continue reading this.

So I was/am in an engineering college pursuing Bachelors Degree in Computer Engineering. When the great Steve Jobs passed away many people who had no idea about him even got to know about him and how great he was as he was a hot topic of discussion among the media. So I decided to give a few books about him to some of my college mates. All of them were ambitious guys from my department only. After they finished reading, I asked them what do they conclude from his biography? What inspiration does it give? Well, most of the guys were saying things like we don't need to study and just need to drop out of college and work towards creating a company like APPLE INC. Some said they should continue pursuing the Bachelors and after finishing the degree they should focus on creating some great stuff related to computers and softwares. So this is about the little survey I did.

Let me talk first about the guys who thought about dropping out of the programme. Just because Steve Jobs did it, you don't need to drop out to become successful. And what they were dreaming of was just about copying what he did. Now let me tell you. The most important lesson that Steve gave us. Follow what you want to! Not what he followed! It was his dream to innovate the computing arena! You should have a dream of yourself. The same thing goes for guys who said they should continue pursuing the degree and make something like him. No. You should do whatever you feel like doing. And yea, if you want to do something you dream about, you should have enough patience, should be ready to face the problems, should be able to accept that what you want may not be so easy to achieve. You will have to work hard for it. And if you don't have these traits you don't have enough zeal for your dream. So better get passionate about what you want to do or complete the degree and get a job which most of the guys do. And doing a regular office job sucks. You shouldn't get a job ever. And its completely my opinion. No. never. That's the worst thing to do. Why do you want to trade in your time for money? And get no flexibility in return? So its better to follow your dream live your life the way you want and become independent.

Apart from the inspiration of following our dream, he gave us another lesson in life. If you have a dream, you should be passionate like hell for it. Even a little compromise is blocking your path to excellence.

Another problem with people is that they don't even know what they want to do out of their life. Well this is no weird situation. People don't know what they want (STEVE JOBS said this). If you are unclear about what to do, don't over think. Give it some time. And if you end up doing something else, you will know what you like and want to do in your life, wrong decisions make you who you are. Just give a bit time to life and you will have everything figured out.
So to sum up, I want to say that, get inspired, choose role models, but don't do simply what they did. It was their dream. They followed it. Its your turn now. To follow your dream. If you're reading this it means you're ambitious enough to do some epic thing. So just follow it, cut out the fear. But yea, first be financially independent. Best of luck!

Thank You for reading!
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  1. This article has great foundation. Thanks for the info! It's true, not everybody will have Bill Gates or Steve Jobs' kind of success. I think I don't~ but it's OK because there are different kinds of successes in life. In my case, I think that my academic background will have a big impact on my success.