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Sunday, April 10, 2011

How Can We Improve Our Memory? By Using 3 Proven Techniques

 By A Matthews


Today I'm going to give you 3 different ways to work on improving your memory. All these tools I would highly recommend to anyone who is looking to improve their memory.

Step one

Improving your memory with concentration

Concentration is the simplest and easiest way to immediately start improving your memory. Many people overlook this as they feel they concentrate the whole day. The reality is many of us live in a fast paced world and rarely take the time to actually give ourselves eight seconds to concentrate and remember something.

When you need to remember something, give yourself at least eight seconds to absorb what it is you need to remember.

One of the most common mistakes in every household is somebody losing their keys in their own house. What you have to do is make a conscious decisions on where you place things and what things you need to remember. Be conscious and give yourself eight seconds of concentration when you put your keys down. By simply allowing yourself to concentrate on the task at hand you'll see a vast improvement in your memory straight away.

Step two

Using Mnemonics

Memory mnemonics are basically the tools of the trade to remember. There are a variety of techniques that one can use to help improve one's memory. One I like to do is to try the different techniques out and choose the ones that I feel complement my memory training skills.

Creative images, imagination with association and acronyms are three of the simplest and my personal favourite mnemonics to use. I like these 3 as they are simple to use and really fun. All you really need to do is be imaginative, creative and understand what positivity is to you personally.

All mnemonics need to be made with fun and positive images to enable them to be highly effective. That's the great thing about mnemonics you actually spend your time having fun and your Vastly going to improve your memory.

Step three

Eliminating stress

In step two I talked about how important having fun and keeping positive can really help your memory. Now stress is the exact opposite and has been proven in countless studies to effect the memory negatively.

How do we effectively eliminate or reduce stress in our lives? There are many stress relieving techniques you can use. Personally my proven favourite is meditation.

Now this doesn't mean becoming a Guru and spending your life in the clouds. Quite the contrary. Meditation can be used in a office space in the home and garden or anyplace you can find a quiet moment. Meditation is not a case of changing religion just about taking time out relaxing the mind clearing clutter thoughts. With a clear mind there is no clutter and vastly helps us to improve our memory.

If meditation is not your thing just take 10 meaningful breaths slow your breathing down and relax yourself. 10 conscious slow breaths which only take you one minute or less take will help calm you down and put your mind in a state that is ready to remember.

I hope you enjoy the three steps to improving your memory. Remember this is all supposed to be fun and enjoyable. Just try it yourself 15 min a day to try any of the three technique and see what a difference it will personally make in your life.

Thanks for reading.

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