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Friday, April 8, 2011

Managing Failure

 By Elochukwu Israel


Failure Isn't Actually Bad

The essence of this series is to address problems that hinder a person's stroll to living a successful life. It's become evident in every sphere of life what staggering blow the taste of failure could have in the life of anyone who experiences it.

I've been able to outline six (6) reasons why failure isn't actually bad. They are as follows:

- Failure means "I've an opportunity to try again".
- Failure means, 'I'm learning some new tricks'.
- Failure is a foundation for success.
- Failure says, "You're a celebrity in the making".
- Failure says, "I'm refining you".
- Failure is teaching you to "Believe in yourself

Failure means "I've an opportunity to try again":

"The majority of people meet with failure because they lack the persistence to create new plans to take the place of failed plans" - Mark Victor Hansen

Failure like I've always pronounced isn't bad at all. If you learn from your experience having failed once, you haven't really failed; you only experimented. Failing is an opportunity to make it better. How would you feel after writing an exam, the examiner announced the result and it happened that you failed; You would desire a second chance to correct your mistakes in the first instance, isn't it? Yes, every one of us would want that and would certainly go for that. That's to show that you can still do it no matter what the results was in the first instance. That is the idea of failure for you.

How about a situation where you failed the same exam but were unable to get a second chance to upgrade or retake? May your professor or whomever that is in-charge looks at you and says something like, "sorry dude, you screwed your first and only chance up. You've got no such opportunity again to upgrade". How would you feel? Bad, huh? Yeah, really bad. You don't have to feel bad anymore because life has been so generous to give each and every one of us hundred-loads of opportunity to re-write our past mistakes. Would you not say thank you to life?

The most important lesson here is not to give up. If you find that the opportunities match you goals, you better go for it! The difference between you and the most successful persons on earth isn't that they didn't fail often; they failed as a matter of fact more, many and more times. But they were able to pick themselves up each time they failed and tried again and again until they found the right mix. Your success will not be actualized if you don't learn to pick up your pieces and parts each and every time you fall.

Your comments on this article will be appreciated immensely.

Enjoy yourself.

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  1. You just got to have faith! That's all that matters.