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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Why You Cannot Be Motivated?

 By Sajeev Nair


Entrepreneurs come across with many questions in their mind like, "I don't know how to have the self drive all the time?" "How to keep myself motivated?" "When I face challenges, how do I move forward?" etc.

I have done countless motivational sessions covering lakhs of people and have authored many motivational books, as its my passion. After those sessions I have received glorious feedback about the session, "this was an unbelievable session," "I am totally charged up," "Your session has changed my life," "What a magical spell," etc. But the sad thing is that only very few ever make a significant transformation in their lives after attending the session. The rest of them forget about in two to three weeks time. I have heard and read so many trainers and authors making claims like, "all those who have attended my sessions have changed their life in a massive positive way," "all those who have read my books have taken a 180 Degree turn in their lives and have started moving toward success." I am sorry to state that I don't believe in these kinds of statements.

I don't think any speaker can motivate his audience to take some strong decisions and move on to become successful; no author can motivate his/her readers to take a life changing decision and move towards massive success in life. At the same time I am not making a statement that all trainers and authors are ineffective. I still believe that the motivational trainers and authors are helping millions of people to change their life in a positive direction. I, myself, am a typical example. Whatever I have achieved in my life during the last 10 years, I owe it to the training programs I have attended and the books I have read.

Even I get so many strong positive feedbacks on these articles like, "these articles have opened my eyes," "I now have a whole new perspective towards life," I am getting better results in life as my attitude towards people have changed after reading your columns," etc. These trainers and authors are definitely helping lot of people to change their course of travel and achieve better results in life. My point is, not every one makes those positive changes in their life after reading a book or reading such articles or after attending motivational training from a motivational speaker. Had it been solely the effectiveness of the trainer or the author everyone should have made significant positive results in their lives. That means, how good a trainer are you? how good an author are you? you cannot motivate everyone!

Why is it so? The basic rule I believe in is, "Nobody can motivate anybody." Why? Because, motivation is internal. It is within. It has to come from within. A motivational trainer or author only can inspire others to get motivated. They cannot get into peoples mind and work. In short, an affective trainer or author can only inspire others to get motivated. But only very few ever get motivated. Do you know why? Do you have any idea who may be the people who get motivated?

The Motivation is formed from the word 'MOTIVE'. Motive means aim, goal, your intention in life. Hence motivated means driven towards a motive. If there is no motive there is no motivation. And that no one can build or create a motive for you. Hence you need to find what is your 'motive', what do you want to accomplish in your life, in which way do you want your life to be designed, what is your intention in life.

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