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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Get Rid Of Shyness Even If You Have No Self Esteem



In order to get rid of shyness you need to know what it really is. Shyness is not what you are but a state of mind and how you feel. When you suffer from having no self-esteem, all you want to do is crawl into a ball and disappear. This makes you extremely uncomfortable to be around other people... especially people who have very high self-esteem. When put on the spot, you get all nervous and turn beet red, wishing you could hide. Some people get so nervous they end up running away. These are cases of people who are extremely shy. You can get rid of shyness and it's fairly easy to do. All it takes is a little work.
You need to understand what makes you shy in the first place. Some people are confident talking in small groups but get really shy talking one-on-one or with the opposite sex. Men are known to be shy around women they like and vice versa. Actors get shy when they have to do interviews and get a little personal. Musicians get shy when they have to go on stage and perform one of the best shows of their career. The thing is, these people found a way to get rid of shyness and accomplish a particular goal. When a person has no self-esteem, they only see reasons why they should run away and hide. When a person has a high level of confidence, they learn how to overcome this. Get rid of shyness and you'll see how much power you'll have within.
A really good way to get rid of shyness is by moving pass the fear. If you're shy around women, it's good to surround yourself around women. If you're shy speaking in public, it's best to start speaking to small groups until you can start speaking in bigger groups. That's another funny thing about shyness. A person could be one of the greatest speakers in public, but have a fear of speaking to someone and asking them out on a date. Once you're exposed to your fears on a consistent basis, your body starts getting use to that particular situation. You stand a little more firmer. You tend to do a little better knowing that you have the situation under control. When you have no self-esteem, you'll have a decent amount of confidence in this particular situation. If you can do this in many areas of your life, you'll start to gain confidence and improve self-esteem. Little do some people know, all it takes is a slight discomfort in the beginning and pretty soon you'll feel like you're in your comfort zone.
Get rid of shyness and gain confidence simply and easily. Stop living your life in fear and live a life free of shyness and a lack of self-self esteem
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