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Sunday, October 7, 2012

How to Stay Motivated When College Is Hard



Each year thousands of students don't survive college because they think it's too hard. They can't motivate themselves so they give up early. The following three motivational advices have helped many students even through the most difficult times at college.
1. Have the end in mind
One of the most powerful mantras is this tiny sentence by Stephen Covey, a grandmaster of efficiency: "Have the end in mind."
Don't forget why you started studying in the first place. You had dreams, wishes, visions, ideas - remember them and think about the outcome of these grueling times you're currently going through.
You will survive this much easier if you concentrate on what you want to achieve in the end instead of focusing on what's bothering you right now.
People who have the end in mind are much more successful in life because they simply don't have time to worry. Yes, sometimes college is hard. Sometimes life is hard in general. But with the end in mind it's easy to stay motivated.
Think of the bad times as clouds which hide the sun behind. The sun is still there, even if you can't see it right now.
2. Benefit from going the extra mile
Try to change your point of view. How will you see your current situation in five, ten or twenty years? Will you think that it was the hardest time you ever had? Probably not. College is a cakewalk if you compare it to the "real world".
So, how could you stay motivated by altering your perspective? That's easy: you should turn your passiveness into activity. Challenge yourself with the stuff that's giving you a hard time at college.
Overcome your fear and confront your weaknesses. Conquer your mind and get back in control.
You'll benefit from going the extra mile. People who drop out of college because they couldn't stand the pressure won't get far with their whiny attitude. Of course it's okay if you just don't want to go to college anymore - but you should have an alternative at your disposal. Dropping out into nothing is exactly that: devastating.
You'll stay motivated if you challenge yourself with the things that you currently perceive as "hard". Over time you'll realize how easy "it" was.
3. Relax, it's not the end of the world
What's the worst thing that could happen? You get kicked out of college. Is that really the worst thing that could happen to you right now? You won't get a job. Is that really the worst thing that could happen to you right now? Your parents would disregard you. Is that really the worst thing that could happen to you right now?
Think. Think hard. You'll then realize that - even if you fail miserably at college - it's not the end of the world.
Going to a college is a great opportunity. But there are dozens, hundreds, thousands of opportunities out there. College is not for everybody. If you're still unsure about that you should search for people ("made men") who dropped out of college and made a fortune doing something else.
Learn to relax and you'll easily be able to stay motivated when college is hard.
Frederik Kreijmborg is a personal growth coach and motivational speaker at
Especially young people respond well to his ideas. Get involved today - you can read all of his blog articles for free!
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