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Monday, October 15, 2012

How Can We Change the Way We Think We Are?


Beliefs or thinking styles are not very much different from each other. We, as human beings are usually product of beliefs we hold about our selves, about the world, about every thing we are exposed to since our childhood from a single gesture of our mothers to a vast variety of cultural phenomenon.
Many beliefs come into the category of relative phenomenon. We, as adults and intelligent human beings would never admit that we were wrong in analyzing something or we are wrong in our understanding of ourselves. We often make mistakes and to preserve our self esteem, would blame others. It is our evolutionary trait to survive with self -esteem and dignity whether we deserve it or not.
For our achievements, traits, and positive strengths, we justify to get a high self esteem record. But for our limitations, poor points, weaknesses, we are very much confused between low self esteem and false miss perceptions.
The question arises here:
a. Should we change our thinking style or change our weaknesses?
b. Would we be able to change our beliefs without destroying our identity?
c. How can we change our thinking style/belief having same weaknesses and strengths?
d. What benefit we will get out of this long procedure of change?
Concept building is a continuous process and no boy can interfere in it. But we can definitely modify the loop holes in it. If we think we need some advice, then we can try to edit our building block of concepts. We can insert some new blocks of concept into our old tower of conceptual blocks. We can remove some old bricks and instead put some new bricks of concepts into it. In this way we can find a solution towards our problems. We need to work on our conceptual frame, if we want to change our thinking style to feel good simply.
But sometimes we need to have some behavioral changes as well as environmental changes to be honest. Our limitations are basically our weaknesses-that need to be addressed critically and must be resolved practically. Only thinking style change phenomenon will not solve the problem.
Thirdly, how can we change our belief system? The answer is still very complicated. At first we need to examine the root cause of the problem. Then we will be able to get advice from someone or from ourselves. So to investigate our possible causes to our problems is a great job and only a few psychologists could do it in one or two sessions.
Lastly, why we go for it? we need to solve our psychological problems as well as physical problems. For the physical solutions, we are dependent on our physical resources. For the psychological problems, we need to find out the real therapy to make us happy and tension free.
In short, I am talking about therapy through conceptual change, that is a bit new but quite effective. My services are there, if anyone of you need my guidance.
Dr Mona
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