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Thursday, April 4, 2013

How To Avoid Making Disastrous Mistakes



Disastrous mistakes are the ones that makes things end in a terrible way; be it in marriages, relationships and our everyday dealings. It has been said that the decisions you make will either make you or break you. Many people have made decisions that they today live to regret. There are families in which children are still paying for the consequences of their (late) parent's bad decisions.
Some mistakes we make as humans are avoidable and preventable. However, as God's children, we can completely avoid the ones that are disastrous; the ones that causes us irreparable damages - break up in homes, kill people in car accidents, get people involved in wrong relationships, wrong investments and wrong businesses. "I alone know the plans I have for you, plans to bring you prosperity and not disaster, plans to bring about the future you hope for.".

Ways To Make Accurate Decisions In Life.

- Put God first: You can never get a full understanding of anything, until you a full angle of God's understanding on it. Create time for God by making out thirty minutes for prayer and thirty minutes for the Bible, as soon as you get up from the bed each morning. The importance of putting God first each morning is, the rest of the day would surely be blessed.

- Never make important decisions when you are excited: At this point, there is a lust of the eye, the body and the mind. Always learn to sleep over an issue before making a decision. Don't let anyone put you under pressure. Watch it! when you begin to feel cool. Never make decisions when you are angry. The Bible says, "Be angry, but don't say your thoughts". For you cannot be angry and please God. Never break a commitment in a moment of anger.

- Avoid making important decisions when you are tired: The wisest decision you can make when tired is to go and sleep. Tiredness makes one get easily irritated by everything/everyone.

- Avoid senseless fights: Only fight the good fight of faith. Learn to keep your eyes on the work at hand.

- Don't jump into conclusions until you have heard all the facts: Don't make up your mind about anything, until you hear everything about a matter. Always hear every sides because there are two sides to a story.

- Don't steal the tithes: The tithe is the best insurance policy a child of God can have. Do not keep tithes away, but rather be honest with tithing. Tithes serves as a covenant between you and God.
- Always listen to your heart: The heart is the spirit-man it serves as a tunnel through which God's words passes through. The spirit-man knows a whole lot than the mind. Don't follow what the majority does, follow your heart.

- Listen to the spirit of God to guide you.
- Don't do what others are doing, look up to God for directions.
Sarah Ityav,, How To Avoid Making Disastrous Mistakes.
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