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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Learn More Study Less Review


I bought Learn More Study Less so I thought I'd do a review of the course to help anyone who's thinking about purchasing it. I'm going to tell you what you get, what's good, what I didn't like and I'll also tell you about some extras that come with the course.
In the Learn More Study Less course you get a series of 12 video modules, a workbook, worksheets, case studies and interviews. The course essentially does 3 things. First it explains how knowledge is stored in your brain. Then it teaches 4 different holistic learning techniques that will help you learn faster and easier and finally it teaches some strategies for productive study. The main part of the course consists of a workbook and videos which teach the sequence of how we learn and techniques on how to do it all broken up into 12 modules.

Module 1 is an introduction on how best to use the guide to get the best results. Nice and concise and set up the course nicely. Module 2 teaches you how to create a productivity system to avoid stress, eliminate procrastination and learn better. Very helpful. Several modules deal with different holistic learning strategies for remembering complex and technical information, a 3 step approach to memorizing difficult topics, image association for vocabulary (great for learning a new language) and flow based note taking. Module 5 covers speed reading vs. active reading, it teaches both methods. This module teaches you how to read better so you can spend less time studying books.

There is a module specifically for how to prepare for exams and how to manage a crisis when you can't (or haven't!) prepared ahead. Module 6 will also help you learn how to break down any course into its parts so they can be learned holistically. There are 2 modules covering how to set achievable goals and which learning tactics you should use based on your personal strengths and weaknesses. The last module (12) is where you apply what you've learned into a 3 month action plan where you'll have a manageable and structured plan to match you new improved learning techniques.
There are some extras included in the course which include 3 audio interviews with real life students and their stories and different learning examples. Each audio has accompanying notes (in a PDF file) which index the topics and times in the interview. Another little extra was an eBook on 6 case studies. They each included different learning techniques and challenges and also included a couple of images from the student's actual notes to show how they implemented a particular learning model. On the critical side I would have liked to have an mp3 file for each of the videos so that I could just listen to them when driving or away from my computer.

I was also a bit overwhelmed at first when faced with workbook of over 200 pages! But don't worry too much about that, watch the videos first to get an overall understanding of the different learning strategies and how the course is structured then you can dip into the book as more of a reference. It's what they recommend and I think it's a good idea.
There's no getting around the fact that this course in itself requires learning new skills and habits all of which will take time. This is not so much a negative about the course; it's just the nature of learning.

So if you want to reap the benefits of this course it's going to take your commitment to re-training your study habits and the course teaches strategies to help you do this.
Learn More Study Less is not designed to be a quick fix "magic pill" if you're already mid way through studying for exams, because the course is about teaching you "how to learn" and chances are that what you're currently learning has been by repetition and memorizing which makes learning difficult. You need to start your learning in the right way so you understand the information and can easily be able to recall what you've learned. If you take the time to create new and better learning habits, they will become second nature to you, meaning learning will be easier, faster, and more enjoyable and you'll be able spend less time studying and cramming. That's what will make learning easier and as the course suggests means you'll learn more and study less.

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