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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Attacking Anxiety in 3 Steps

By Dee J Cooper
Anxiety is a real problem that many people are struggling with every day. There are ways that you can educate yourself to overcome this problem and to enjoy a calmer, happier life. Here are 3 steps to help you get started on your journey to regain control.
* Education of what anxiety is
* Daily relationships improved
* Control of your symptoms with techniques
Details of these steps follow below.
Step One: Education
Anxiety is a powerful symptom that makes you feel as if you have no control. Your heart will beat very fast, you are convinced something terrible is happening to you, you may feel dizzy and nauseous, you start to shake and you feel like you just need to run away from where ever you are. You will feel like you are the only one this has ever happened to. Anxiety affects males and females every day. All of these symptoms you feel is your body's response to stress and worry. It will begin to release adrenalin and your symptoms begin. This is not harmful to you but causes you to become very afraid. Now that you know what causes your symptoms you are less frightened by them and you can continue to the next step.
Step Two: Relieving Stress and Worry
Daily problems with relationships in your life can play an important part in causing stress. If you identify these problems and confront them with the attitude you need to not be worried and stressed out you can work at changing the problem. This does not mean you get rid of the relationships, you just need to decide what is bothering you and decide if its something you can change or do you just need not to worry about it.
When you are someone that has always been a worrier this will take a little time to retrain yourself on how to look at your problems in a different way. Almost all stress is caused by relationships. This can be at home with your spouse or children, in the workplace with your boss or co-workers, with parents and siblings,with neighbors and with the general public. You are able to do this if you learn techniques to help. Next step.
Step Three: Learning Techniques to Cease Symptoms
Relaxation is often an effective tool in stopping your attacks. If you learn to identify what you feel when an attack is just starting you can relax and be confident that you can overcome this by not letting your body become excited and therefor release adrenalin. Another method is to begin breathing exercises when you feel an attack coming on. You need to practice slow, steady breaths. This exercise accomplishes two outcomes. You concentrate on the breathing so you are less likely to get excited and the slow breathing will also calm your body's reaction to the impending attack.
Continue reading about anxiety and learn to become anxiety free at and you can start to enjoy your life again.
Dee J Cooper is an Ezine Expert Author and the writer of numerous articles published worldwide.

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  1. Your suggestion of using breathing exercises puts me in mind of Stephen King's short story The Breathing Method. In it, 1 of the story's main character finds an unexpected use for The Breathing Method to deal with her anger. :-)