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Saturday, October 31, 2009

How Can I Reduce My Workload Stress?

By: Karen Cynowa

Today we come across a lot of people who keep complaining that their work is getting to them and they are too stressed. Almost everyone is on the lookout for help in how to handle their workload stress and improve their productivity.

One of the first things to realize is the amount of time people waste in trying to manage time. We have to effectively learn how to manage the task that we want to complete within a particular time frame. There are various reasons why a person may experience workload stress.

These include unclear goals, disorganization, procrastination, poor planning, absence of a set routine, processes that are disjointed and vague, wasting too much time on personal phone calls, unnecessary web surfing, wasting time on junk e-mail, a lack of training and lack of focus.

As we analyze why we do not have enough time to complete the task on hand, all we have to do is go through this list and see which of these is stealing our time from us. All the above factors create the perfect environment which fosters stress and misery.

For example, one of the worst things you can do is to allow your emails to pile up for days. Email organization is something that can eliminate most of the stress factor. As you keep looking at the piled up mails, your frustration increases and you start procrastinating. With piled up emails at the back of your mind, it is impossible for you to focus on anything else on hand and your stress starts skyrocketing.

With slight modifications and process changes in the way you handle emails, it is possible to eliminate this major stress factor. Emails can be categorized and moved into folders you create in "My Documents", making it easy to prioritize them and getting them out of your inbox.

Are you organized yourself but still experience work load stress? Maybe it's due to disorganized subordinates or bosses. Identifying the problem and getting your colleagues or your boss to understand the reason for the stress may take some time and patience.

Consulting with a productivity and organizational professional can gently point out the reason for not having enough time and show them simple and powerful techniques on how it is possible to organize, work and still have free time on hand.

As you learn how to organize your time, you must realize that it is important to establish routines. However, it is not good to be too rigid. You must be prepared to be flexible enough to handle any unexpected interruptions and changes in your schedule. This attitude will reduce your workload stress to a great extent enhancing your productivity.

Remember that it is not the amount of work that stresses you but the way you go about doing it. By being focused in the present moment and organizing your work into segments, it is possible to complete any amount of work in the stipulated time. Work in such a manner that you have only today and this moment to complete it. Do not get into the habit of carrying over today's work to the following day.

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Karen Cynowa, is a professional organizer, productivity consultant, national trainer and author. I teach increased productivity workshops such as E-mail Efficiency and Etiquette, Filing and Finding it fast. This training has been successful in over 15% of fortune 500 companies. Let Time's Up assist you in finding the time to take your business or self to the next level. 866-906-7767

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