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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Reduce Stress With A Natural Vanilla Bath And Vanilla Milk

By: Peter Nisbet

A natural vanilla bath with vanilla milk can reduce stress, help to reduce high blood pressure and also help with problems associated with irregular menstrual periods. Vanilla natural bath products not only offer you the delicious aroma of the vanilla plant, but also the benefits of its essential vanilla oil.

Most people associate vanilla with ice cream, or use it as a baking flavor, but it is much more than that. Health experts know that vanilla milk and vanilla oil not only act as a sedative, but also reduce stress and are believed to possess aphrodisiac properties. In men it can help to overcome erectile dysfunction, so what better gift to give yourself and the man in your life than a spa gift basket consisting of vanilla milk, vanilla shower gel and a lovely sponge to pamper yourself and wash away all of your stresses during those difficult times of the month.

All those problems that life brings can be washed away with an exquisitely gorgeous natural vanilla bath, and if you use it with your partner, then what better way to relax and regain that lost energy you tend to lose in times of stress, or when working hard.

That's not to say that vanilla milk is only useful for personal problems brought on by stress and hard work, because apart from stimulating the production of hormones such as estrogen and testosterone, it is also a strong antioxidant. What this means is that when smoothed over your skin it can destroy those free radicals that destroy your skin cells and bring on the appearance of premature aging.

It can also act as a sedative and help you sleep. That's why many men and women use natural vanilla bath products to soothe these aches and pains after a hard day at work, and if combined with the dreamily sedating effects of lavender oil, you will have the ideal remedy for insomnia from which many people suffer after working hard under highly stressful conditions. In fact, there are many such natural bath products that can offer similar effects.

Stress and high blood pressure can be a pretty lethal combination, and if you combine that with the feeling of inadequacy that many men and women experience when they feel too stressed out to relax at night, then you definitely need some help. That help can come in the form of a beautifully soothing bath, following by gently rubbing an essential oil into your skin that kills off the damaging free radicals, the result of exposure to strong sunlight and the pollutants of modern living.

There are several natural herbal products that can offer what you need, and vanilla oil is one of those that many people are less aware of than they are of their more famous cousins. Natural skin bath products such as jasmine, spearmint and ylang ylang are likely better known that the common vanilla. Yet vanilla is an orchid, an exotic plant that deserves better praise than it gets, and its health-giving properties are much underestimated by most people.

However, those that use it will swear by the effects of a natural vanilla bath, and how vanilla milk rubbed over their skin gives them a sensual and soothing sensation that promises a relaxing night free of any of the stresses that modern living can bring.

There are no doubts whatsoever that if you sometimes feel overcome by what life throws at you, or even feel terribly down at certain times of the month, that you will feel a lot better and more relaxed if you soak yourself in a natural vanilla bath and rub yourself with vanilla milk. Vanilla oil is a fabulously sensual essential oil, and products made from it, such as vanilla bath products, are equally sensual. Why not introduce your partner to natural bath products? You both might be glad of it!
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