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Friday, October 30, 2009

The Effects Of Stress On The Body

By: Alex Wilson

Stress is something every individual has most likely faced at some point in their lifetime. This condition can cause an individual to suffer from physical, mental and emotional ailments simply as a result of being stressed. There are various effects of stress on the body which some individuals may experience as a result thereof.

Physical Symptoms

Individuals who experience stress may experience some physical symptoms due to their stressed out condition. Symptoms such as stomach aches, headaches, chest pain and problems sleeping are all physical symptoms which can be attributed to stress. Since one can experience symptoms of this type when they feel stressed, it is important to learn to avoid stress whenever possible.

Mental and Emotional Symptoms

One may also find that they experience symptoms related to their mental or emotional well-being. Those who experience stress may find themselves worried, sad or angry as a result of the stressful situation. In addition, one who is stressed may find themselves getting tearful or moody from time to time and unable to control it. These types of symptoms may also lead to physical symptoms as well.

Detrimental Effects of Stress

When one experiences stress, that feeling can have various detrimental effects on the individual and the individual's body. Those who experience stress on a frequent basis may find themselves turning to substances as they feel it will help to conquer the stress. This can have detrimental effects on the individual and their body.

In addition, those who experience stress may suffer from sleep difficulties which make them tired during their work hours and daily routines. This tiredness can have a detrimental effect as it may lead to work-related incidents and other accidents. Stress tends to be a facilitator of various things which makes it detrimental to some individuals.

How to Prevent Stress

There are a few tips on how best to prevent stress from ruling one's life. The first way to do so is to try and not procrastinate when it comes to engaging in various tasks and duties. Those who wait to finish certain details and duties may find themselves stressed and rushing to complete the task. Therefore, if one wishes to take one step towards combating stress, getting things done ahead of time might just do the trick.

Another way to prevent stress is to engage in relaxing activities in one's free time. One can read books, go for walks, exercise or watch a movie, to name just a few stress-relieving activities. So long as the activity is relaxing and provides an individual with a healthy outlet for stress, engaging in the activity might just do the trick of relieving stress as well as preventing it from occurring in the first place.

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  1. Thanks for the info! this will be useful for people who do not know that they are under stress, and until something goes wrong with their health...