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Friday, October 23, 2009

Bipolar Disorder Causes - Genetic, Stress and Personal Causes That Many Don't Know

Because bipolar disorder looks, at some point, like so many of the other types of depression that there are, it is easy to mistake it for any of them. This is a critical error that you are going to have to do everything in your power to avoid because the wrong treatments for this disorder can very well be fatal.
There are those that made the mistake of taking wrong medications and treatments - they ended up worse off than they were before the treatments. You want to ensure you don't fall into such traps.
There is a strong genetic link in the cause of bipolar disorder, as proven by various experiments that have been done in the course of research on the condition. It has been proven that children tend to inherit depressive traits from their parents, which could eventually cause them to have the disorder.
By Condrad Wemult
However, there is more than just genetics that causes bipolar disorder. For a fact, certain environmental factors such as stress and social conditions tend to have a strong influence on the incidence of the disease.
Added to that there are personal factors such as experiences, which you may have had at some point in your life that could cause you to have this bipolar type of disorder. For instance, you may have experienced a horrible failure at some time in your life, you may have suffered the loss of a loved one at a time when you were emotionally vulnerable, or you may have been bullied or abused at a time when you could not protect yourself.
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