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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Can Stress Lead to Diabetes?

Stress is an enemy of your body. And if you are diabetic, then you better stay away from stress. Stress adversely affects various parts of your body. It may lead to coronary heart disease, even stroke, and worsen the metabolic problems in your body. It really is dangerous!

Study On Stress

A study was conducted on about 10,000 men and women aged 35-55 years. The participants were government workers. The aim was to find out a connection between stress due to work and metabolic problems. Before the test, the participants were tested for metabolic problems.


The results were obvious: the more a person was stressed out due to work, the more he or she was at a risk of developing metabolic problems, including diabetes. There is a direct relationship between low blood sugar and stress: PEOPLE WHO SUFFERED FROM CHRONIC STRESS HAD A DOUBLE RISK OF DEVELOPING DIABETES.

Handling Stress At Work

If you can handle stress at work, you can lower the risk of developing diabetes to a great deal. Unfortunately, there are people who carry their work at home. They work at leisure time. They think about work when they should be thinking about having fun. You may not realize but you are harming your body and exposing yourself to the risk of diabetes.

Here are some tips to help you relieve your stress at work:

  • Take short breaks between work. Move around the office, if possible, every one or two hours. If not, then simply stretch your limbs while sitting at your desk.

  • Carry out stretching as well as relaxation exercises at your desk.

  • Prefer water to coffee or soda.

  • As far as possible, avoid taking work at home.

  • Take a few days off from work

  • Avoid talking about work at social gatherings

  • Carry out deep breathing and relaxation exercises to get relief from stress

It has been found that people under stress become careless about themselves, indulge in drinking excess amount of alcohol, and carry out less exercise. Stress hormones also have an effect on blood glucose levels. If you are mental stressed, you blood glucose levels are bound to shoot up. The only way is to control your stress reaction.

Positive Attitude Works Wonders

A positive attitude fights off stress effectively. Indulge in something constructive that makes you happy and relaxes you. It brings down your blood sugar levels. Develop a hobby, take a stroll outside, and substitute a negative thought with some pleasant memory or poem, or quote, or Bible verse. Use breathing exercises to reduce your tension, revive body cells with oxygen, and rejuvenate your energy.

If your stress levels go on rising at the workplace, it is wise to talk to your boss and find out a solution. If nothing works out and you are extremely stressed at work, it is time to look for another job.

Take control of your life.

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