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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Conflicts and Depression

By David Smith Junior
Conflict is a very dangerous thing in our life. It can destroy our nervous system and change our attitude to life. As a result, it can cause depression. It is so bad when you have a conflict with your close friends or relatives. Why do people not understand each other? Why is it so difficult to find compromise? Very often everyone does it best to change the situation.
Once two my close friends could not understand each other for a long time. Their conflict had continued for five months until one of them left the country on vacation. After his return they have not seen each other. I tried to find out reasons of their conflict. As a result, I explored that they are absolutely different people who have different life meanings and goals. Moreover, they tried to change each other. Everyone considered that he is right. From my point of view, they made the right decision to stop communicating because each of them has different ways to happiness.
From my own experience, it is very difficult to recognize that your close friends are not as close as you want. It is so pity when people cannot understand and do not trust each other. Every action of a person, with whom your have a conflict, is perceived as the worst one. People who hate each other cannot be objective.
They do not want to accept his or her opinion and try to spoil life of each other. However, they do not understand that revenge destroys first of all their own life because they start to spend all their time and attempts in order to find methods how spoil life of another person. The best method to have revenge is to be happy. Try to use all your efforts to achieve success because it can help you forget about hurt and start new life.
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